03 September 2014

APATT* Nan's Filofax as Wallet

*All Personal All the Time

I've always been a fan of using my everyday Filofax as a wallet. Why carry more than one thing when you don't have to?

So in the Cuban Personal where I carry my diary and contact info, I was also carrying cash, receipts, and lots of cards. I loved having it all in one place, but the problem was the bulk:

You can see how thick the cards and cash made the covers. It made the book hard to work with. So I moved the cash, cards, receipts, and a few pages of shopping lists into a Slimline Boston:

A pen through both pen loops holds the Slimline closed
The Slimline has cards in the front pockets, 3 pages of card holders, and a few pages of paper for notes. I was worried about leaving the house with something with no calendar at all, but I got over it. If I have to record an appointment or other memo, I write it on a jot pad page and put it in front of the cards where I'll see it. I feel safer having only one calendar—the one in my main Cuban.

So, what's the result for the Cuban? You can practically see how relieved it is to have less bulk to carry around:

Most days, I carry these two Filos with me, either in my laptop case (on work days) or handbag. For formal occasions, or when I'm just shopping and want to travel light, I carry only the wallet in a smaller handbag or purse. I feel like I have more options—including the option of lightening up!


  1. Brilliant idea. I am going to copy you!

  2. I have a Classic Slimline I love using as a wallet too. It's perfect for it!

  3. I setup my Red Personal Malden after reading this post but its still to bulky. I need a slimline. Seems the PINK slimline Boston discountinued Nan. Amazon still have the pink but the seller won't ship to Australia - grrrr. I like the Patent Compacts but they don't have the card slots like the Boston.

    1. I bought the pink Slimline Boston on sale from filofax.usa because it was being discontinued. I hope you can find one you like!

  4. I have about 15 slimlines that I rotate through as wallets. A Slimline Holborn was my travel wallet this summer on vacation - it is my only 13mm-ring slimline, the rest are 11mm. I am currently using a recently-acquire slimline Richmond.

    I print my own WO2P inserts on 60gsm (16lb) paper and only keep one term (4 months) in my wallet/organizer at a time. I have a foldout year planner for recording appointments further out, but I'm considering replacing the foldout with a MO1P section. I also have lined paper for notes. My paper money goes in a full-length IBC slot and my credit and other cards are in my Malden cardholder.