15 September 2014

Filofax 2005-6 Time Management Catalogue

Continuing this week with the Time Management catalogue for 2005 - 2006 released in June 2005.

And these scans are available in high resolution on Flickr.


  1. 2006 was the last year that the Time Management range was so actively promoted. Already the courses had been cut back and UK stockists like Staples and Viking Direct dropped the range at this time. The 2007 publicity was just an 8 page card and items like the Pocket Companion were then discontinued. By 2009 little was left and it was just a footnote range on the UK website after that, finally disappearing all together when the revamped website was launched.

    It's still (almost!) possible to put a TM binder together, as the binders are standard products, the 2015 week to view and day to view diaries are still made and the undated pack includes the other main pages. As David Popely recently found, things like the dividers are no longer available.

  2. As a new Filofax addict, I love seeing these catalogs! Very cool!

  3. interesting to see the stationery storage box--not available any more, I take it. I just got one with my time/system order, made to fir their a5 pages so it would work for Filofax stuff as well.

  4. Interesting catalogue and I like very much indeed all the contents available at that time. If 2015 brings me good fortune work wise (an exciting busy role!) then I may invest in one of the diaries (still available online Filofax UK); or print any similar diaries via Philofaxy's files ;-)

    I'm current preparing sketches, clippings, notes for ideas to revamp my entire house (nothing too major but it needs order!). Today, I've just managed to jot-down notes within their relative subjects/headings using the standard to-do-list, plain and ruled paper; all in an A5 Domino Patent hot pink. A lovely organiser. I didn't think I'd like it and it isn't as heavy as other A5s although I've only started adding to it today.