02 July 2024

Free For All Tuesday - No. 700

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  1. My completist obsession to recreate old (1980-1990) inserts continues. I have recreated lined papers; analysis inserts; cash records; quadrille pages; graph papers (including log and polar plotting); art & music; undated planners; memo sheets; FreeForm Time Management booklet, reminders & inserts. I have made a start on the personal, business & military inserts, but it's hard to find detailed images that include the text on these.

    So, if anyone has any of the following old inserts, I'd appreciate a scan.

    19A cross-section, 1/20”
    51 cross-section, 1/20”
    147 cross-section, 1/20”, tracing
    107 salesman’s reminder
    151 employee record
    179 daily intake record
    180 recipe record
    183 bridge score sheet
    186 chess score record
    194A name, address, telephone
    200 classified address
    220A salesman’s report
    220SP publishers’ sales report
    221 publishers’ sales report
    222 production schedule
    223 publication schedule
    224 rights negotiation record
    235A semi-log, triple scale
    266 class record
    380A investment annual record
    380B investment ledger
    402 multitrack sheet
    403 photographer’s record
    440 video storyboard
    441 flat plan
    539 church family record
    544 customer enquiry
    545 customer record
    546 customer record, continuation sheet
    547 estate agent’s record
    548 stock record
    551 function planner
    555 travel itinerary
    556 meetings record
    571 timetable (FF)
    700 police personnel record
    541 platoon commander’s personnel record
    542 marine troop commander’s bible
    601 military lesson plan
    602 military course bids
    603 military course instructor’s record
    604 military commander’s interview record
    604 military sub unit personnel qualifications
    PG/RC military personal grouping/range card
    609 credit card charges
    612 golf record
    613 skiing record
    614 snooker record
    615 windsurfing record
    616 running record
    617 squash record
    618 angler’s catch record
    740 bird watcher's record
    801 personal services
    802 personal contact record
    803 home entertainment
    804 hotel
    805 restaurant
    815 traveller’s checklist

    DS inserts... 01-25, 41-47

    Oh, and just in case anyone has a copy of the 71384 Infantry Tactical Aide Memoire (UKR)...

    If anyone wants any of these inserts (including DS06 1987 wine vintage and selected London restaurants...), let me know, and I can provide PostScript or PDF print-ready (imposed to A4) copies.



  2. Hi Kevin, a few years ago,I recreated some of the forms you listed. You will find them on the Philofaxy "Files" page https://philofaxy.blogspot.com/p/files.html

    1. Oh my. Dot grid! I thought I'd seen every page on this website. Bless you!

    2. Hah! Hello, fellow insert recreator... I hadn't thought to look there. Thanks; I'll check them out. Kevin.