18 April 2013

Snippets of News from Filofax

No big announcements, but just some snippets of information I've been sent.

Following the favourable comments you have made about the Doodle pen loop insert, Filofax are considering but not promising to make this type of insert more generally available.

So if you have an organiser with only one pen loop, you could add one or two of these inserts to add some more.It has the advantage of course of being moveable between organisers. It's not a permanent fixture and will not damage the leather or the covering of the organiser like the stick on ones might do.

I wasn't aware of this but apparently early Osterley Compacts came with 2 pen loops this went down to just a single pen loop on more recently made versions of this particular model. Other sizes though now all have elasticated pen loops.

The elasticated pen loop is becoming more common across the range, this of course allows for 'fatter' pens.

Work continues on the development of the new website, I've been contributing some historical information that I have to go in to the 'History' section.  I have also been asked to help test the beta site when it is ready. The new site is due to go live this summer, which ever week that happens to be!

Filofax is very aware of the limitations with the current site and they are very keen to get the replacement site up and running as soon as possible. They are investing all their efforts in to the new site, while trying to ensure the current site still does it's job for the remainder of its life.

More news on the 2013 range coming next week hopefully......


  1. Steve, do you know how much, if any, of the 2013 line will be available on the USA site? Or where I can find out such information? Here's hoping for those pen loop inserts.

    1. Hi Steph - Doodle is on the way to you. Sorry for the delay - have sent you a quick gmail.

  2. Yes, I too wish Filofax USA would have have a better selection and availability of organisers. I guess I should consider myself lucky to be one of the people who own the Compact with two pen loops! It did annoy me at first, but I do use both now. Also, very happy that they are going to make the elasticized pen loops the standard.

  3. Great news, Steve! By elasticated pen loops, does Filofax mean completely elasticated, or just part elastic, part leather?

    1. I suspect it will depend on the model some will be complete, others will be part leather, part elastic. I would think the deciding factor will be is the organiser leather or not..

      We will start to see the trend form as this gets in to the product cycle, what I'm trying to say is don't quote me if a new model comes out without it being elasticated!


  4. I am really looking forward to the new website since the old one is not a programming masterpiece...

  5. Steve, thank you for your diligence in acting as a buffer, um, I mean liaison, between filofanatics and Filofax.

  6. It is encouraging to see they are actually listening an avid Filofax user. Now, if only they´d do something just as reasonable to these infuriatingly low quality rings. If I pay 170 euros ( actually 340 for two ) for a binder, it´s not most convincing for it to be just so very bad from the word go.
    Do we know anything from the pesky issue of bettering the rings? Other than what has already been said how they are aware of the issue. Also, water is wet.
    " We are not amused "

  7. Ooh!!! That means I have one of the older compact Osterleys, mine definitely has two pen loops :o)


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