22 April 2013

Maps In Your Filofax?

I published this picture a few days ago on Flickr and one of my followers said that I had a lot of maps in my Filofax!

In fact, I normally wouldn't have this many maps in my personal Filofax organiser, but this is after a trip to UK, when I tend to add in my UK maps.

The UK road map set is 4 sheets that fold in two. I also carry a set of London street maps which are 3 sheets folded in to four, world map/time zone map, my own French road maps. So quite a few, why so many? I do have a semi-smart phone, which does have a GPS built in, but I've not found it to be that good in city centres between tall buildings, so I prefer to read and look at a paper map to work out which direction to head in.

Now I could have left a few sheets out, I was unlikely to end up in Scotland or Ireland on this trip I suppose... but you never know.

I like maps in what ever form they come in. From a young age I have always sat and gazed at them for hours on end. So I like having maps in my Filofax, they are like reading a good novel to me!

So apart from the maps sold by Filofax you can in fact quite easily create a lot of your own maps fairly easily including those for your local area without too much trouble.

If you like large maps say up to A3 size paper, well you can fold these down so that they fit in to an A5 Filofax, and here's how:

It is possible to print off maps from Google maps fairly easily for your own use. Or do a search for a particular map for your local town, or look for maps in your local tourist information office.

What maps do you carry on a regular basis? 


  1. Paris Metro. I live in Liverpool: it's 2 years since last I visited and no plans to go in the immediate future but I keep it as a sort of talisman, a visual inducement to eat healthily and get fit. And Paris is a moveable feast, non?

  2. I always carry a town map of Hamburg, my hometown, in my backpack. I mostly use it when someone asks me the way on the street. No maps in my Filofax whatsoever, aside from the world map that came with Cam. An entire town map would be too much. What I do carry, though, is bus schedules, the lines I use most often.

  3. I reduce, print, fold and punch a map of any cycling event I'm currently training for. At the moment, it's The White Rose sportive in July (115 miles, 10000 feet of climb). I spent most of a train journey yesterday studying it; visualising the many hill climbs and making training notes. It'll be well worn by the day of the event!

    Like Regina, I always carry the main timetables I need in my organiser - all rail in my case.

  4. I have the Filofax A5 4 page UK road maps (much better than just a map of the motorway system because I avoid taking my little Mini amongst all those lorries), London maps, Underground/National Rail Map and the World map/Time zones.

    I used to have a Paris map which I found useful on art trips and a France wine regions map which I don't think I ever referred to; they were in a Personal sized Filofax I bought 2nd hand and have since sold when I moved up to A5.

    I would like to get hold of maps of Italy with city maps of Rome, Florence and other places of historical interest in A5 format. Until I do I can print the from the Internet and fold them as you suggest. It's a shame Filofax don't have city maps available as separate sheets.

    I also find those direction sheets from Google Maps useful and keep them in my Filofax just in case I am likely to repeat the journey.

  5. I only have one map in my diary and that is my campus map. However after reading this I will add it a Sydney map. No matter how you think you know a city there are always new things. Thanks for the handy tip :)

  6. I love maps and always carry them in my filofax. I have the world map and the Germany map. Most recently I added a map of the town where I live (Stuttgart). I had to "make" this one myself because filofax sadly doesn't make them.

  7. I love maps! Whenever I go anywhere I print out a new one onto my filofax tri-fold page template and shove it in. I usually take a road map and a street plan (I can't be doing with sat-nav, if I want a woman barking directions at me I'll take my mother ;) ).

  8. What's really fun is when you browse the Filofax refills in some stationary stores, you sometimes find really old packages of maps, the ones with the dark blue cover sheets : it's usually the case when I look in German department stores like Karstadt, for instance : I found maps of Hamburg, Munich, etc, all around 1990. It was hard to put them down and not buy them all ! But I also find "old" menstrual calendars, the to-do list pages with the squares on the left of each line, dated 1997, etc.

    Never fails to bring a huge smile in me :)

  9. I have amassed a sizable collection of Filofax maps from the sheer number of Filofax I have purchased on eBay and elsewhere. I should catalog them!

    None are in the Filofax I carry.