30 April 2013

Video Webfinds - 30th April 2013

Here are the latest Filofax videos from around the internet. I have made change in the format of the post today to improve the page loading speed. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.
  1. Filofax setup - LadyElizabeth24
  2. Filofax Personal ochre malden set up! - Katerina LeNoir
  3. Cuban personal Filofax - leasuance1
  4. Unboxing of my new filofax yayyy;) thanks christa - Karina Lopez
  5. filoFAX personal, plum, Osterly set up and accessories - 706smile
  6. My First Filofax - BittenByBookLust
  7. FIlofax Tip No 43 - Make Your Own Secret Ring Pen Loop - The Australian Way - Kent from Oz
  8. To Filofax Or Not - That Is The Question - Kent from Oz
  9. How I Decorate My Filofax Pages w/ Washi Tape! - adamsfilo
  10. Filofax Metropol update - M. Kaitaniemi
  11. Filofax update - April 2013 - Kristy Sherrod
  12. Filofax Accessories Haul - Ana Garza
  13. Filofax / Planner Organization - Ana Garza



  1. Hi, I am Blair over at Bittenbybooklust I just wanted to let you guys know that I have made a youtube site dedicated to my organization and Filofax. I hope this helps.

    It should be under Blair Swift
    I also love this new layout as it takes less time to load the page.

    Thanks a bunch- Blair

  2. Much better thanks Steve - it was getting really slow to load.

  3. This is much faster, Steve! Thank you!

  4. Yes, much better! No browser crashes.