01 April 2013

South East USA Meet Up

Calling all our readers in South East USA

I'd like to try to arrange at least a "mini" meet-up if nothing else.

I do not know any retailers in a 200 mile radius of my home, so if anyone knows retailers in the Nashville or Memphis Tennessee area OR the Atlanta, Georgia area,we could try to arrange for one of those cities to be the location. ( I might add, these cities are about 3-4 hours away from me in different directions!). Since all three cities are rather large for this area, there would be several nice places to meet for a snack and hopefully find some stationary stores to browse.

Late July would be an excellent time. That would give us plenty of time to prepare and maybe the new Aqua Malden will be available by then! Also, Southern weather being what it is, this would be well after any chance of tornado season ruining the event.

If anyone is interested or wishes to add input, please contact me at crystalgcharles(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. Wow, if I still lived in North Carolina I'd love to come! Sounds like potentially lots of fun!

  2. There is a store here in Atlanta called Artlite that sells filofaxes in person and a drool-worthy selection of fountain pens! I think this would be a good place to host a meetup, since it's in a shopping center with other stuff (food) and I don't know of any other place that sells filofaxes in person.

    here's the link:

    Also, since I live here, I am willing to help out to organize! I am already giddy at just the thought of a meetup in Atlanta!!

    1. There is an art supply store about 5 minutes from Artlite that also has Filofaxes, a decent selection of mostly low end binders. So we could go to both. I checked them both out over the weekend. The Artlite store was very stuffy. I think we would definitely want to check with the owner before a bunch of us went in there to ogle their stock.

    2. Sam Flax is in Atlanta too. Artlite (wonderful proprietor) sells only the leather filos and they have a great selection of pens and notebooks and Clairefontaine. Sam Flax carries various styles of filos and has wonderful art/gift items, and a huge selection of notebooks. They have adorsble filo accessories as well. I think we should hit
      up both places and our friends at Artlite
      would be delighted.

      I am available to help coordinate as well! So excited!

  3. If you are on Facebook, I have set up a group for the meet-up. https://www.facebook.com/groups/156912401135997/

    It's set for Atalanta on July 27. One member has been very wonderful and checked out two of the stores in the area. Not sure that they will be the best stores to visit but there are two other stores that are listed as retailers.

  4. I would love to come if only I wasn't 12 hours away!

  5. Make it happen, you guys!!!

    All the best from Germany!