02 April 2013

Web Finds - 2 April 2013

The Charity Auction over on the Charity Auction page has had something extra added to it. All the details (I think) are on the page. Go for it and get bidding... it is all for an excellent cause

Here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the internet:
  1. Leserfrage: Metropol - Filomaniac
  2. Neue Filofax Photo-A-Day Challenge im April - Filomaniac
  3. April 365/30 Filo Lists!! - The Life of The Perpetual Student
  4. Happiness Binder: An Easter Update - Well Planned Life
  5. Teacher’s Organiser Summer Pages Now Available - Jar FM
  6. Filofax Organization #1 - Choosing a Filofax - Live, Love, Organise
  7. Filofax addiction - Reflective Ramblings of an OU Student
  8. My New Filofax! - An Irish Girl's Life
  9. More Filofax pics  - An Irish Girl's Life
  10. New Finsbury, is it right for me? Not really, but ...  - An Irish Girl's Life
  11. Planner Organization, part 3 - Living the Good Life 
  12. Lady Luxe - Leesh
  13. Tips for a Filofax/Planner Newbie - Friday, I'm in Love 
  14. "I Love . . . MUJI !" - The Storage Studio
  15. Homemade Journaling Tags for my Filofax - Jagged Little Thoughts
  16. Blue Compact Finsbury - Within Dreams 
  17. My Wallet Wiz Planners - Carolyn Shares
  18. Journaling in a Filofax - Jagged Little Thoughts
  19. Welcome to Quarter 2! Are your Annual Goals 1/4 completed? - Plannerisms
  20. New Filofax Set Up- Pennybridge A5 - Miss Dotty
  21. Filofax Photo-A-Day Challenge - Love Live Organise
  22. Making my Midori Traveler's Notebook into a Quasi-Filofax - The Life of The Perpetual Student
  23. 365/30: April's List - Filomaniac
  24. Free give away #2; Winner in the picture! - My Filo World
  25. B is for… Blog Planner - Planning with Printed Portal
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  1. Bonsoir!
    Comment doit on proc├ęder pour pouvoir appara├«tre dans la liste des liens sur votre blog?

    1. Bonsoir
      Nous suivons maintenant votre blog pour les futurs posts Filofax.

  2. Is it typical, at this particular time of the year, to have so many Filofaxes up for sale on Adspot?
    I was trying to see if I could figure out a reason---anyone know? Maybe its a by-product of Christmas gifts gone wrong???