24 April 2013

Fabulous Flamingo - Exclusive News from Filofax

Filofax reveals the winner of its graduate design competition

The Flamingo is the winning design from the Filofax ‘Cover Story’ graduate design competition.

Flamingo Pocket, £28 and Personal, £35 Organisers
(Available in Navy and Sage)
Flamingo Organiser (Navy)
Pocket, £28
Personal, £35
Flamingo Organiser (Sage)
Pocket, £28
Personal, £35

The eye-catching and elegant design, created by Rebecca Mountain, inspired by the poise, colour and grace of flamingos, beat off a tidal-wave of talent from other design graduates.  Rebecca has recently been enjoying a paid work-placement with Filofax so that she could see her print being brought to life on the popular cotton twill canvas personal organisers which will be sold around the world.

The Flamingo is available in two colourways – blue and sage – as well as in two sizes – Pocket (£28) and Personal (£35). A pen loop keeps your pen secure, while a practical elastic closure will keep your Flamingo organiser safely closed when you’re on the move.   

Filofax is supporting fresh design talent again this year with a new ‘Cover Story’ graduate design competition.  Details will be announced shortly on the Filofax website.

Flamingo range details:

§  Material: Printed on cotton twill canvas

§  Colours available: Blue, Sage

§  Features:

  • Elegant and fashionable design inspired by the grace and beauty of the flamingo
  • Printed twill canvas cover
  • Matching popper and elastic closure
  • Designed by the winner of the 2012 Filofax Cover Story Competition

Thank you to Filofax and Ideas Network for sharing this news exclusively with Philofaxy.


  1. Hi all,

    After spending days of browsing and reading through this wonderful blog, I've now decided to join in and give my occasional two cents if you don't mind. :) Sorry, if I'm doing sth wrong, I'm fairly new to this blogging-world.
    Currently, I own 5 Filofaxes and a no-name A5-organizer that I like although it is not an original FF one.
    Sorry, that was slightly off-topic.

    Anyway, re Flamingo-Filo: I like the blue one best. Does remind me a bit of late-80s Florida-Miami-Vice-kinda thing. Hehe

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Cool, that makes two of us. :)
      Filofaxes are addictive and so is this blog. Can't get enough of it.

    2. Me too, I just brought my third filofax. It was a complete impulse buy and I don't need it but it was so pretty and a bargain so I had to have it! It's nice to find other people who understand that ;)

    3. Hehehe, yes I know the feeling. Actually, I don't need more filofaxes but I'm still looking for bargains.

  2. That is really pretty... and I do love flamingos. What a unique binder.

  3. That is really pretty... and I do love flamingos. What a unique binder.

  4. http://www.wallpaperdirect.co.uk/products/graham-and-brown/flamingo/89795

    I realllllyyy want the above wallpaper so it comes as no surprise I love the navy design! This is far more sophisticated pattern design than alot of other diaries/planners of late...

  5. Loving the designs! So different. I'm glad to see they are at a reasonable price, well for a Filofax.

  6. I need one!!! Can we order them her in the States?(sorry, I'm a newbie!)

  7. I hope I don't offend, but has philofaxy become a mouthpiece for Filofax? The recent posts seem to be little more than a cut and paste of Filofax PRs. Disappointed.