23 November 2005

Philofaxy's Scheme to Dominate World Affairs Continues

If I haven't mentioned it already, my goal in maintaining this blog is to take over the world. Through clever subversion, I expect that every person in the internet-accessible world will eventually be attracted to these pages, where I will introduce subliminal messages that will have the effect of giving me total mind control over all readers.

As evidence that my plans are proceeding apace, I present this fact: Philofaxy has had its 1,000th visitor.

I don't know who you are, but I know you come from Little Raveley, which sounds like a lovely place. It is here:

According to the infallible internet, Little Raveley is only 751 acres, and it "consists of clay land, most of which is agricultural. The land is fairly level being for the great part a little more than 100 ft. above sea level. There was once a considerable stretch of woodland along the south-west border of the parish. Raveley Wood within the parish has disappeared but its name is preserved in a farm, but Wennington Wood, just outside Abbots Ripton parish, still exists."

I'm somewhat surprised Little Raveley has internet access, because "[t]he village lies on the winding road from Broughton to Great Raveley at a point where a branch road goes westward to Wennington and Abbots Ripton. It consists only of the church and a few farm houses and cottages, together with some council houses."

If that sounds attractive to you, "The average selling price for property in Little Raveley over the past twelve months has been £180,363. Most of these properties were existing terraced houses. Thirteen have been sold here at an average price of £175,687, which is around the national average for existing terraced houses and is just above the average selling price in Cambridgeshire for this property type." I don't know what that funny symbol after those numbers means, but I think it has something to do with money.

Check out one of these beautiful homes:

I would love to live in a 13th Century church. God might not appreciate the things I would do in it, but he's probably given up hope for me anyway.

Thank you, Little Raveley. When I have assumed my rightful place as Supreme Philofaxer and World Despot, I will reserve a place on my cabinet for you. How about Secretary for 6-Hole-Punched Maps?

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