30 November 2005

A Very Philofaxy Holiday

I've returned from my Thanksgiving vacation. It was, as expected, full of unreasonably long and unpleasant drives, surreal family situations, and overconsumption of food and alcohol. I would not call it "relaxing," but it was reasonably okay.

My Filofax was barely touched during the break. I brought it with me, of course. But there wasn't much scheduling or data-consulting necessary. The one thing that I have kicked up to full speed in the Filofax is my Christmas gift planning page. Three columns: (1) Name; (2) Gift Ideas; (3) Gifts Purchased. Column 1 is full. Column 2 is about half-dull. Column 3 is almost completely empty.

I think I am fully onboard with the Pentel Sharp 0.5mm mechanical pencil. It fits well in my pen loop and makes adequately dark markings on the page. Also, it makes me feel like a professional draftsman, especially when I twirl it around my thumb absent-mindedly. It is one of the simpler mechanical pencils out there. I don't know whether it has changed substantially in decades. There is no gel cushioning; no "finger-clicking" lead advance system; no funky color scheme. It's an unabashed black plastic tool, thank you very much, and it will not be apologizing for that. Nor will I be apologizing for it, as it has become my friend.

P.S.: My boss referred to my Filofax as my "purse" again. This man must be stopped, or my already low self-esteem will be beaten into further submission.


  1. I've been carrying a Filofax for 15 years and have had it called a "purse" so many times I've lost count.

    Don't sweat it,; it's your life, your money and most importantly, your time.

  2. I hope people are not disappointed in their dull gifts. (sorry, couldn't resist)

  3. Criminy, Henry. I do let the occasional typo through, but that one's bad. And I usually catch them pretty quickly.

    But I kind of like it, and thus will leave it.

  4. "Purse?" Ridculous. Pocket book? Maybe. Seriously, though, its because of your moleskine blog entry on the old blog that I got one myself. It's important to remember...

  5. Thought about the "purse" comment some more over the last couple of days.

    I have noticed that Filofax has been gravitating more towards the female sector in terms of products. There are very few of the new style Filofaxes that are "masculine" looking to be carried only by men.

    I carry a Winchester Textured Calf model I bought in 1996 that is no longer available. It is decidedly "manly" in heft, appearance and size (personal with 1-1/4" rings).

    It is now beginning to fall apart and Filofax no longer honors their free repair service. So I am resigned to holding it together until Filofax begins serving the male market again.

    My wife carries the Cross model in cherry red and it is more feminine looking than the one I carry, though the brown Cross looks less so.

    Anyway, carry what you want.

  6. wvn8v: Hmm. I think you just called my Cross model a purse.

    Just kidding. However, I think a planner that is small and chubby naturally looks somewhat feminine.

    I haven't discarded the option of moving up to A5.

  7. I really like the "cool" factor of the Filofax that my Franklin never had. It's just that all of the Filofax/moleskine etc hacks that I've read about somehow mirror the big blank Franklin Classic second page. What to do?

  8. The Pentel P205 has been around for ages. I probably stole my first one from my dad in 1980.


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