12 April 2008

Filofax Fitness

In previous years, there was a wider variety of preprinted Filofax refills. Project and Meeting planners, Shopping list forms, and more. There was probably an exercise planner, too. I'm not sure about Filofax, actually, but Franklin Covey was great for stuff like that. Now that fewer people are buying these paper products, companies have stopped printing these forms. We're expected to use our home computers to print our own forms, using software provided by Franklin Covey or homegrown solutions like those found at DIY Planner.

I'm becoming a regular exerciser, and I need a way to record the name of exercise or machine used, minutes spent or sets/reps of each exercise. Spaces for heart rate and calories burned would be good, too. Not for each exercise, but perhaps for the entire session. My trainer is going to take me to a gym and show me a routine soon, and I need a way to write down what I'm supposed to do on each machine so I can remember it, and so I can create a record of the exercise I do on my own.

There isn't anything quite like this at DIY Planner, although the site has an incredible array of forms for tracking Weight Watchers points and special health conditions like diabetes and migraine headaches. There's even a Meditation form! People have done a lot of work designing these forms.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be something devoted solely to exercise and activity. Furthermore, DIY Planner devotees mostly seem to be using 8.5 x 11, 5.25 x 8.5, or 3 x 5 (index card) sized formats. If you use a Personal Filofax size (3.25 x 6.75 inch), you've got a lot of tweaking to do.

Has anyone figured out a good way to track exercise in a Filo?

Realistically, I will probably create my own Personal forms using lined or grid Filofax paper and a ruler. But I'd love to see what anyone else is having success with!


  1. Have you taken a look at Corrie Haffly's website? She has posted some details of exercise tracking sheets in the not too distant past which might inspire you to design something for yourself.

  2. Hi Pam -- I wasn't aware of Corrie Haffly's Web site before, but I've checked it out now! She does have some good ideas for exercise forms here.

  3. hi,

    i've made some forms of my own for my eating schedule. i draw them on the filofax squared paper.


  4. The UK TimeDesign website has some excellent templates that you may be able to use. I've downloaded all of them just in case I want to adapt them someday.


    If there's a Print icon to the right of the list, you click on that and a pdf file is displayed, and then you can save the file.

  5. Glenda, thank you for the link (and for making it tiny for us). I'll check it out and post about it!


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