06 April 2008

Great Find - PerAnnum.com

In a recent comment, our reader Dewanna Walser turned us on to a new source of six-ring agendas compatible with the Filofax Personal size - PerAnnum.com.

In Dewanna's words, these organizers are "handcrafted here in the USA (rare these days) and the quality is exceptional! You won't be disappointed. The only thing is that all colors and finishes are not always available at the same time -- some are made as they are ordered and may take an additional four weeks."

The organizers and other accessories (photo albums, checkbook covers, and so on) are made from Italian leather.

Thanks, Dewanna, for the great find. Who knew?

1 comment:

  1. I, too, agree with DeWanna as far as her comment of "Made in the USA".

    Makes you want to eat "rice cakes" on Thursdays.....


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