24 April 2008

Order placed

I just placed an order for Filofax refills with The Daily Planner.

For my work A5, I ordered a horizontal format week-per-two-pages. Since these are 2008 calendars and we're well into 2008 now, The Daily Planner has them on sale now. My work life is driven by deadlines, reminders, and occasional appointments, rather than constant appointments every day, the horizontal format, rather than the vertical format that comes standard with the A5 filo, is better for me. More on that in a later post.

I also ordered 1/5" grid paper that I use for my food journal, and everyday items like ruled paper and To Do pages. I ordered a couple of items -- Personal Computer Paper (3 Personal pages to one 8.5 x 11 inch sheet) and an erasable single sheet ($6) -- that I wouldn't normally order. All in the line of duty. I'll report on how well these items worked for me. As a Filofax blogger, I feel it's incumbent upon me to test these items.

I didn't bite the bullet and buy the $50 A5 hole punch -- more on that later. But I ordered almost $90 worth of Filofax paper. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. When I bought my Filofax I thought I'd need the high octane hole-punch. In the event I settled on the bargain basement folding plastic shed confetti everywhere model.

    Perhaps because of this I don't punch much.

  2. I want the portable hole punch....

    My husband tells me all the time: You use your expensive Filofax paper as draft paper. ( I hope i wrote this good, because i speak english very wel but i didn't know the english word for 'kladpapier'.So i translated it with help from babelfish.altavista.com. shame on me.) So if i have the hole punch, i can use some cheap paper in my Filofax as draft paper.



  3. @andrzej - I think the only people who need the high-octane punches are those who print their own forms and punch many sheets at once. I definitely want to get a portable one, so I can punch a couple of sheets a month. Usually, there's a schedule or Excel spreadsheet for work that I want to carry around. Right now, I either slip it in without punching, or use a single-hole punch!

    @lovely - Yes, "draft paper" is correct. Thanks for the translation. You've reminded me of another great reason to get a punch -- to punch cheap paper for drafts. Greetz!

  4. Oh By The way kladpapier is dutch for draft paper....

  5. Hi Dean - Thanks! My order came today and included several items of interest. I'll report on them soon!

  6. Do you know of any templates for the computer paper? I've been struggling to get it set up . . .

  7. @busyme - Sorry, I don't. Actually, the computer paper didn't arrive; it's backordered, so I can't report on that this time. Maybe another reader will know!