14 December 2008

Family Affair

A couple of readers have mentioned a new A5-size family calendar, so I had to check it out for myself. To find it at Filofax USA, click here, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the back and click Family Organizer Pack. (I assume it's available in the UK, too, but I wasn't able to find it on their Web site.)

When you click a new window opens listing everything that comes in the pack, plus an offer to get $10 off and free shipping on an A5 organizer. Presumably, the offer targets mothers who want the Family Pack but don't already have an A5 binder.

And the contents of the pack are yummy: Pages for school and sports info, shopping lists, emergency info, travel and party planning, budgeting, and (my favorite), a chore organizer! It also includes a 2009 week-per-2-pages calendar that has slots for different family members.

I can imagine you don't need to have a family to find this pack useful.


  1. I am very excited about this! For awhile I tried to use a Go Mom organizer because it had these features, but the planner/ binder itself was not nice. My husband called it the "Mom jeans" of planners, and he's right! It's great that now we can have all the function of a family/ home organizer and the style of a Filofax!

  2. I really like the idea for this calendar. But why is it advertised on the Filofax website as being for moms? What about dads?

  3. That looks quite a lot like the "MomAgenda" product, which I think is a great idea. Aside from the blurb on the product page, it doesn't seem like it's only usable by mothers (unless you count the listing of "Mom's Cellphone" first as a bias).

    MomAgenda used to have a preview of their main pages on their web site, but I can't find it right now.

    I liked the concept so much, I developed custom pages like the MomAgenda stuff. Maybe now I won't have to bother anymore!

  4. Kim I agree, I think this would be very useful for everyone in the family. But let's face it, in most families it's usually the mom who manages the details! I know I do, and I don't mind it. I like being the details/ logistics person.

  5. i like the idea too. too bad it isn't avalable in the netherlands.

  6. I showed this to my sister and she ordered it straight away. She said it arrived two days later and it's awesome. She's really getting into it. She took advantage of their $10 off and free shipping offers and walked away with a complete package for $65. I checked the other Filofax sites and it looks like it's only available on their US site. Here's the best link Filofax Family Organizer

  7. I agree with Kim. Maybe because I'm Canadian, I find this type of stereotyping a bit unacceptable.

  8. I don't understand why the pack comes with A-Z index tabs, since the binders already come with these. Seems like it would be more useful to include blank tabs instead to label as needed.

    Megn I'd love to hear more about how your sister is using hers! I am still on the fence about whether I need all of this or not. I think it might be more relevant for me next year when my oldest starts school.

  9. I've had the following as a reply from filofax UK about the Family organiser:
    However, we are in the process of launching a new "Family Organiser" diary pack in A5 and personal sizes. This pack will include pages such as birthdays and anniversaries, babysitting information, shopping lists, meal planners etc.

    We think that this will prove to be really helpful for busy families, and hope to launch around June/July time this year. The first pack will have an 18 month diary due to the time of the launch, but after that it will be a normal yearly diary.

    So it looks like it's coming the UK.


  10. Thanks Simon! So the UK will have it in Personal size too, the US one is only in A5, at least for now. Interesting.

  11. Update on my sister Danielle. She really loves her Filofax family organizer. She thinks the calendar layout is brilliant because it really helps her to keep track of everyone in her family (2 kids, 1 dog and a husband). She also likes all of the different topic pages like the kids sports information, pet care, party planner and home repairs. She's becoming a real "Filofax fanatic", and has begun showing off her new calendar to anyone who will stand still. So far the only thing she doesn't like is that she chose a black binder. She wishes she had chosen a nice pink one instead!

  12. Thanks Megn!! I keep telling myself I can get through this year with the calendar setup I already have, but I am still tempted by the family organizer. I hope they make it for 2010 because it will definitely be useful for me next year.

    So funny your sister is becoming a Filofax enthusiast, it certainly has that effect on people!!


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