10 December 2008

A Blessed Event

In the comments for last Friday's post, a reader came up with the brilliant phrase above, comparing the acquisition of a new Filofax to the birth of a baby. (It's not the first time I've been accused to treating my Filo like a family member.)

A lot of people have been asking how I'm going to use this new organizer. Yes, I'm going to use it as my personal Filo in 2009. (The Daily Planner gave me both 2008 and 2009 diary refills.) I'm going to leave my current red Finsbury as is, and just copy any necessary information into the new Finchley. Well, except the phone number pages. Those, I'll probably just stick right into the new book.

I'm not doing a good job using my current tabs (To Do, Projects, Ideas, Lists, and Tel), so I'm not going to use the same set up in the Finchley. I'm going to stick with the built-in tabs and see what needs come up. So I guess I'm using the Finchley as an opportunity to make a clean break. The red Finsbury will be all set to go when I'm ready to go back to it. I may do so for the summer, when I prefer brighter colors to brown.

For now, I think we're going to get along just fine.


  1. Congratulations! It's beautiful. I'm thinking about the Finchly in the Soft Jade for spring use. I wish I could see it first hand though so that I can tell how bright or dark the color is. We shall see. Enjoy the newest member of your family. =)

  2. Congratulations Inky!! How exciting!

  3. Hmm nice, I can almost smell the newness of the leather from here!

  4. I have a soft jade personal Finchley, Kanalt.

    It's lovely. It's not too bright - a kind of muted green. I think 'soft jade' is an accurate description actually - the clolur is 'soft' if you see what I mean. anyway - it's not too bright!! would be good for spring definitely. I'm hoping to use mine until it falls apart...
    I love the finchleys!