12 December 2008

Free for All Friday No. 24

Time to talk about new organizers and formats for 2009, or anything else that comes to mind!



  1. Hello and Happy Holidays to all. I just saw a new A5 calendar refill for 2009 available on the FilofaxUSA website. It's called the A5 Family Calendar and from the photo it looks to have a new weekly format and all kinds of neat forms for home and family life. It's good to see new offerings like this : )

  2. I wandered into the local stationery store at lunch and lusted over the Filos, including the Finchley Mini. I even took a look at one of the A5s, but it just seemed so big. I know it would be easier to find paper and refills on an A5, but it just doesn't have the right handfeel. It's like dating a guy who, on paper, has all the right attributes, but is lacking an essential chemistry.

    I'm starting to work on my 2009 goals and my Finchley plays a key role in that process. For months I've been taking notes (in my Filo, natch!) on things I'd like to accomplish in '09. When I get them all formatted properly, I print out a copy and tuck it into a clear envelope that I keep in my monthly section so I can refer to my goals frequently. I usually make an event out of goal writing-- I go out to dinner, do a reflection on the old year and then start writing my hopes for the upcoming year. It's one of my highlights of the holiday season.

  3. hi, i need some advice: last year my husband gave my my filo as a christmasgift. i love it. it's a A5 black metropol.

    but now he wants to divorce me and we're getting divorced now. he has already left me and lives with his parents again.

    i'm thinking about getting a new filofax binder because this one reminds me of my husband. but i love my binder and those A5 binders are pretty expensive...

    what would you do if you where me?

    love Rose

  4. Lovely Rose, that's so sad, and I really feel for you. I'm sure you will find happiness again, even though right now you're feeling so bad.

    But the time you've spent with your ex has surely influenced your life and who you are in many ways, and you've learned things from this relationship that are useful and valuable. You certainly will want to think about this experience and gain from it, although you may be feeling right now that you'd like to just cut him, and everything that reminds you of him, out of your life and your memory for ever. But you'll be a smarter and wiser person, and you'll be able to reflect on what went wrong, if you move carefully.

    You might put the Filo away for a few months. You could always get a less expensive three-ring binder, or one of the less expensive Filos, to fill in the gap. You will be able to take out the Metropol and use it again, and remember the good times and use it to plan better times.

    You might start making notes of all the things you have to be happy about--your family and what makes them so valuable to you, the wonderful weather--even the freezing weather in the Northeast creates beautiful photos of the ice on the trees and the lovely snowy landscapes. Try to find something every day that makes you happy or grateful for life. If you write those things down every day for a month, then you'll have something to look back through and think about. That's what I did when I was depressed, and I still do it. I still take my anti-depressants, but my happiness journal is a blessing.

    You might try using the Metropol for your happiness journal and see if the happiness that builds up in it doesn't wipe out the sadness you associate with it. And if that doesn't work, just put it away until you can use it again.

    I've sure many of us here will be thinking of you and wishing you the best as you go through this part of your life. And you surely have many more people in your life who love you and will be with you in this.

    Good luck in the new year!

  5. Lovely Rose--

    I just thought of something else that might help.

    I've bought a couple of used ("vintage") filofaxes on Ebay recently. A5's don't come up often--they're mostly Personals, but I did get one for my daughter that was A5. I really like these binders--they're soft leather, stay open, and I love the feeling of their being older and love thinking of the people who've used them for the past twenty years before they fall into my hands. Go to flickr and look at the vintage filofaxes that someone has posted pics of there. It's a different take on filofax obsession.

    So you might look at Ebay--do a search for Vintage Filofax and eventually an A5 will come up.

    Also, go to your local Goodwill and/or Salvation Army resale shop. Or other consignment shops. They sometimes have used binders that are practically unblemished. I'm going to start looking there myself.

    Another possibility is to get a three-ring address book at Borders or an office supply store--they can be nice, less bulky than filos, and are cheaper. I got one at Office Depot that had gold-tone rings and a leatherette cover for about $20. I love it. Of course the pages aren't filofax-compatible, but you can always get a paper punch with adjustable punches and punch the pages when you're ready to move them into the filofax.

    Good luck, and keep your chin up. The best is yet to come!

  6. Lovely-Rose, I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your divorce. Others here have given you some good advice on getting a different binder. I would definitely replace your binder. I was using a green A5 earlier this year during a difficult time in my life, and had to replace it because I couldn't even look at it later. I wish you the best of luck during this difficult transition.

    Muse, thank you so much for the heads-up on the family calendar packet from Filofax, I have been looking for something like this!

  7. Lovely-Rose, I'm sorry to hear your news, too. Definitely get yourself a new Filofax! You deserve it!

  8. I will be using my A5 for my journal to record key events and notes on information to remember.

    And I will be using my Pocket size Finchley to keep a check on my appointments and reminders


  9. First off, I LOVE your blog - finally, people as obsessed as me! :)

    I've bookmarked it for further archive reading...

    Second thing (since it's a free-for-all) I love the proper Filofax inserts, but I've just spent a ridiculous number of hours making my own 2page/day A5 inserts.

    I'll give them a 30 day trial (I'm a fan of Steve Pavlina's time management theories too!) in a cheapo A5 two-hole basic ring binder, test drive the design, then if I can't find anywhere that prints customised Ffx-punched sheets (and I strongly suspect I won't) I'm going to get them printed up on A5 fliers, buy the A5 six-hole punch, and get busy.

    I'll need to pick up a binder once I've decided too of course - but that's the best bit, so I'm saving that to last!

    This is my first venture into A5, I've been devoted to the Personal size for 14 years now, but with self-employment, a new fitness plan and some shift-work on my plate, the standard "week to view" diary just isn't cutting it for size and detail.

    Sections I've added to the two pages (I made them as jpgs in Photoshop, and then printed a bunch 2/sheet, using Word) include:

    Schedule, with 21 lines for the days when I have to plan by the hour;

    Work, just for the donkey-work stuff, like calls or tasks to complete that day;

    Goals, so that I can make sure each day I have something that will progress me towards my long term plans;

    Memo, for any thoughts I need to keep in mind constantly;

    Gratitude, because I like to list 3 things I'm grateful for at the close of each day.

    Having these on a day-to-view DIY insert means I can meld 2 notebooks, a folder, and my usual diary planner all into one place - BLISS!

    (Any comments or suggestions on all this idea are much appreciated btw!)

    Finally, Lovely-Rose, I am sorry to hear about your break-up - you've probably decided what to do now, and I hope your choice is working for you.

    I know my Filofax is a major part of my life, it's like an annexe of my brain (and often heart) and I can completely understand why you were thinking of a change there. Good luck for a great 2009, anyway!

  10. MissCharlie, I love hearing about how you use your custom pages! Sounds like a very useful and comprehensive system. I like the idea of having so much space each day to record thoughts, plans, and goals. Keep us posted on it as things progress!