24 December 2012

There's something about A5

I've previously owned two A5 filofaxes, a vintage pink Malden and a Domino Snake. I returned the Malden and sold the Snake after deciding that A5 is just too big for me as my only binder and I didn't want to own more than one filofax. And then I found myself one night clicking on buy it now on a wine zipped Holborn on eBay for a great price, d'oh. I had planned to maybe give it to a friend, but purchased a blue A5 Finsbury instead as I realised that she would prefer a brighter colour. I had no plans to keep it at that point, but when I opened the packaging its soft leather and gorgeousness started to win me over...

Steve wrote a great review about his brown one here which I enjoyed reading, and I found myself absent-mindedly stroking Saz's lovely wine A5 one at the Philofaxy meet up, so I knew I already liked them. I think the soft pliable leather and contrast stitching is what I also like about the Maldens.

I've also realised that I can't fit everything into a personal sized filo and a zipped A5 is so handy for popping paperwork into, zipping it shut and it's ready to pick up to finish at a later time. I don't have a huge amount in it yet, but its main uses will be for reading and working on projects as I find personal size paper a bit small for planning and mind maps.

Laminated Getting Things Done workflow map as my flyleaf  

I've realised that I'm now comfortable with owning more than one filo, so one personal and one A5 is going to be perfect for my needs in terms of both portability and extra writing space.

My only slight concern is the gappy top two rings which have appeared as it's started lying flatter but they don't seem to have got worse and paper doesn't catch on it, so fingers crossed.

Here is my dream team :)


  1. A nice combination of the Holborn and Malden.

    1. I agree, Steve! The Malden & Holborns are definitely my two favourites.

  2. I use my personal as a GTD folder, and then every week I decant this week's priority to dos from this folder onto my weekly pages in my A5 Cuban ink. Works for me!! I use an oyster coloured sketch for my GTDs, picked up as a £12 bargain from Homesense. I just love the colour.

  3. Spooky, that is also my Dream Team - I love my A5 Wine zipped Holborn, and recently managed to get a crimson personal Malden. I currently use the A5 is my main diary / planner and notebook, and print out my task list from Toodledo each week and insert it into the A5. I would like to have the Malden as a smaller diary that I can throw in a bag and take with me when the A5 is just too big.

  4. I was purchasing a personal Deco last week online and was so sure it. I'll be the One. I then wandered into a local stationers for new inserts and inadvertently came face to face with the first A5 I have ever seen in person. The Luxe A5 in black. It was stunning. I clutched it to my chest as I walked about the little shop, in disbelief that having found and bought the Deco online felt like a curse. From that moment, I was set on the Luxe. The shop had it priced at $175.00. I forced myself to out it down, quickly paid for my inserts, walked outside and checked online for the Luxe. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE this was the very day that Filofax US had the Luxe on special, with free shipping to boot?! I clicked and it was mine. It arrived Wednesday, but I didn't open it until last night. I tried to tell myself I wouldn't like it as much as I thought, but really, it's so stunning. It is my first A5, so I too will be figuring out if using it in tandem with one of me Personals is workable for me. (And while I'm at it, I may as well say, I'm expecting a Personal Amazona to arrive today!) I will be keeping up with you to see how this works, and possibly to steal some of your ideas ;)

    1. Hi,
      I am looking for a slim A5 organiser...
      What is the thickness of the Luxe?
      Does it have elastic pen holder(s)?

  5. Love the combination. Very nice. I also had laid my eyes on the Holborn.
    I also have a Malden, but the purple one. And I have an very beautifull Finsbury Antique Rose. And love the combi. I had an A 5 in my hands and put it back. I looked on line for an A 5, and keep telling myself: it is too big! But when I saw the Antique Rose I was sold. And the combination of Personal and A5 works perfect. The personal goes every where and the A 5 stays at home. The A 5 is more of a big notebook where I put thoughts, dates and appointments home related, meals plans etc.

  6. I have the wine A5 Zip and I love it, mine is used as my reading/movie filofax.

    Love your dream team, thanks for sharing :-)

  7. Very nice! I am considering the same purchase (An A5 Holborn in Whine) to accompany my one and only FF, a red personal finchley . You have helped make the case for my decision :-)

  8. I some how missed this in the Yuletide goings on!
    Love that you now have the Holborn :) I still really love mine and consequently still have the purple Malden A5 I purchased at the meet up in its box in my cupboard at present! I'm very jealous of the personal crimson Malden, I know I have the pocket size crimson but I would like a personal one to see if I can do personal - and well, they just look and feel lovely!!!

    I like the look of the actual binder in the Malden and Holborn personal size now I have seen more of them, but as you say in your post Anita, the page size is not quite right for certain things. But they look so lovely... :)

    Hope you continue to enjoy the Holborn and Malden throughout 2013 and beyond :)

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