15 December 2012

Web Finds - 15 December 2012

Christmas.... everything is slowing down! I might go back to one Webfinds a week if next week is as low in numbers as this week.... but we will see....

However, here are the latest Filofax Blog posts from around the internet:
  1. FREE Weekly/ Daily Calendar!!!! - Lime Tree
  2. Vintage-Serie - Teil 3: Dundee - Filo-Manie
  3. Flexin’! - Katie Louise Halsall
  4. Circa Take II – Yet Another Levenger Box Arrived Today - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  5. An Early Visit From Santa - Friday, I'm in Love 
  6. Time to move away from Filofax? - Just an Essex girl
  7. On-The-Go Companion to Your Filofax - Glossette
  8. Guildford extra slim! - I love my stationery
  9. Personal Portland Wrap-Up... - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  10. One Diary for 2013 - The Ideas? - Imysworld
  11. Blogmas Day 12: Slimline Metropol Filofax - Within Dreams We Live 
  12. Filofax Love – Part 1 - The Studentista
  13. Nachtrag - Konstruktive Kritik an Filofax - Chaotic Perfectionist
  14. Recipes Filofax - The Storage Studio
  15. Filofax update; Back in my Filofax Regency again! (For now ;) - My Filo World 
  16. I finally got a Baroque - Heather Holistics
  17. Solving The Insert Question - Daily Thoughts and Random Ideas 
  18. Shiny red Mulberry has arrived - Paper Pens Ink
  19. Vintage-Serie - Teil 4: Balmoral - Filo-Manie
And here are the latest Filofax videos:



  1. Always looking out for the Saterday for the web findings. Just love to see what other people do regarding there filofax.
    Angain Steve, great job!

  2. Wow! I am so honored to be on your website! Thank you so much for posting the video of my new personal Malden! (: