14 January 2013

Filofax New Year's resolutions

I'm not normally one for setting New Year's resolutions, but I have been thinking about how I'd like to use my filofaxes this year:

  • To be content with the two binders I already own (my Malden and Holborn) and not purchase any more
  • To use my set up more consistently and not be tempted to change after reading about other people's

Before: crumpled tabs needing replacing

After: same sections looking nice and tidy :) 

  • To use my weekly menu pad to focus on my most important tasks each day

  • To use my PocketMod as my capture tool (Steve wrote about using his M2 in a similar way) and transfer items into my filo regularly. I don't normally have my personal Malden with me and I've found this little free booklet a simple way to jot down ideas so that I don't lose them

  • To process my notes/in section regularly, instead of leaving it full of random notes that I haven't finished the thinking on
  • To enjoy using them to help me focus and not have notes all over the place. 


  1. Well, I should put that "not be tempted to change after reading about other people's" in my list too. :D

  2. The PocketMod looks interesting. I've bookmarked it to look at it more closely later. Thanks for the link.

    My current capture tool is a postit note that I put on the facing page of the half of the week that is not current. The postit size is roughly 75x75 mm so it covers about half of the page. I use my own WO2P layout with a column per day in a slimline, so it's always with me. Often I will have a second postit that is my To Do list.

    1. You're welcome. It's something I've used on & off for ages, & I like that it only uses one sheet of A4 paper. I like using post-its too.

  3. I always make New Year's Resolutions, that way I have something to give up for Lent!!


    1. I love that!

      I usually resolve to buy myself lots of gifts : )

    2. That's like the old joke about the guy that goes for confession: "Forgive me father, for I have sinned."

      "What have you done me boy?"

      "I stole a sheep. Wait, make that two, I'm going for another tomorrow."

  4. I often feel the same way, Anita, about trying to curb tweaking my system after I read what others are doing.

  5. So I just realized that I do that, too - want to change my system after reading what others are doing. I'm going to work on that, too.

    Glad you mentioned it because I hadn't realized it.

  6. Thanks for your comments :)
    I find nowadays that my planner envy is more about the set up than the actual binder. Whilst this is great for my bank balance, it does mean I'm probably not using my own system to its full potential!

  7. Hi Anita

    I haven't changed my essential set-up for over a year now, and I can honestly say that things work better because of having a settled system that I've had the opportunity to really get to know well, and operate smoothly. I see you have a tab for MITs - are you a Zen To Done fan?