12 January 2013

Web Finds 12 January 2013

So no excuses today... give yourself some time to sit down and have a read of some Filofax posts.

Here are the latest Filofax blog posts:
  1. Why I’m still against Pinterest – The continuing saga - Steve Morton
  2. A nagging annoyance - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  3. Desk of Shame – And Then There Were Two - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  4. Lady in Red - Filo Manie
  5. My New Year’s Resolutions in Cute Format! - Glossette
  6. Incredible Year WorkBook 2013 + Filofax Porn - Lime Tree
  7. Wrestling with my filofax - Lynzy's Whimsies
  8. 2013 Filofax Update - Lynzy's Whimsies
  9. Filofax Virgin - Filofax Virgin 
  10. Project Pocket Part II; How I’m doing so far.. - My Filo World
  11. Washi Tape! - The Wonderful Life of Alice 
  12. My filofax.. - Live. Love. Organize  
  13. Pennybridge Filofax A5 Organiser and iPad case - Nyssapod 
  14. Crazy To-Do List? Here’s What to Tackle First - GTD Times
  15. 2013 Planner Organization… - A Bowl Full of Lemon
  16. GTD for mums Part 2: a gallery of tips and tricks - Zoe at Home
  17. How I Track My Finances in My Planner - Homemakers Daily
  18. Where for art thou A4? - Filofaximile
  19. My Filofax Week #1 - Behind my Purpley Life
  20. Filofax Swap-Out Experiment - The Storage Studio
  21. Filofax Collection of the Week - Filofax King - Steve - Imysworld
  22. Filomaniac fragt... Maren - Filomaniac
  23. Aspinal of london purple croc compact A5 organiser... - Paper Lovestory 
  24. a closer look at the aspinal of london organiser inserts - Paper Lovestory
  25. New Year Graffiti (Non) Filofax set up - From down the well
  26. How to do and have it all… Just not at the same time - Plan Create Succeed
  27. Finally, Filofax: Part Two - Reflections by Cruz
  28. 6 Tips to Start Your 2013 New Year's Resolutions - Day Timer 
  29. Filofax confidential - Re-Psych
  30. Planning at work - Johua LaPorte
  31. oh, for the love of filofax! - a bit coquettish
  32. Filofax update; my 2013 set up so far. - Angel Jem's City Cottage 
  33. Loki's Here! - Paper Pens Ink 
  34. Mein Baroque - Er ist da!!! - Chaotic Perfectionist
  35. Mein Baroque - ... - Chaotic Perfectionist
  36. A vintage one : The ASCOT! - Chrssie's Universe 
  37. Your 2013 planner: Planner Fail or So Far So Good?... - Plannerisms
  38. Combining Outlook with a paper planner - Day Timer Blog 
  39. The compact Regency "marrone",from bella Italia :o - Chrssie's Universe
Where are the videos? Coming up soon in a separate post....



  1. What a difference in loading up this page now that you have detached the videos and put them in a separate post.
    I hope you will always do this now?

    1. Yes, unless there's only 2 or 3 videos which seems unlikely these days!


  2. I love these lists of web finds - thank you for including my post today

  3. Looking forward to sitting down to read all these tomorrow - thanks :o)

  4. Proud to have made the list! Looking forward to checking out the others. :D