09 January 2013

Philofaxy Meet Up - Manchester

In case you missed this announcement in the run up to Christmas..... There are still places available for this Manchester meet up. If you live in the North of England or even the Midlands you can save on the cost of your rail travel.

So come along and meet other Philofaxy readers.... oh and Steve as well!

When and Where Manchester - 9th March 2013

The date of the meet up is Saturday 9 March 2013 and we will meet initially at 12 noon at BHS in Market Street.

However, the actual arrangements for this meet up are fairly flexible, and we will tie down the more precise arrangements in the next few weeks once we have a list of people. We need to decide on where to eat and where to shop afterwards, so anyone who is local to Manchester and knows the City Centre well, we would appreciate your input.

Thank you.

How to book a place on the meet up

To get a place on the meet up you need to email: steve[at]philofaxy[dot]com and mark your email March 2013 Manchester Meetup. Please only request a place if you are reasonably certain that you will be able to attend on the 9th

As places are allocated you will receive an email back again confirming your place on the meet up.

Please do not book travel tickets etc until you have a confirmed place. I will attempt to confirm places within 2-3 hours of receiving your email.

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  1. Any chance a manchester meetup is on the cards soon?

    1. Possibly, but whilst the first one was well attended the second one was only 3 people. It was a long way to travel for me for just two other people!

      It might not happen until later this year.