26 November 2013

Free For All Tuesday - No. 147

Tuesdays are your chance to ask any Filofax related questions you might have.

So fire away and we will collectively try to answer your questions or offer opinions.


  1. Does anyone know where to get eraser refills that fit the Filofax mechanical pencils? Mine (a mini classic ribbed pencil, according to a quick google - it takes 0.7mm leads) is all out of erasers and it annoys me every time I go to use it and then remember that I can't.

  2. I would think those were universal and could be purchased at any office supply store.

  3. Hi! It's quiet here today!
    I just have to say what a wonderful resource Adspot (and Philofaxy in general) is; Steve posted my For Sale advert this morning, and less than 12 hours later, I sold one of my Filofaxes!!
    Thanks to Steve for all his hard work on this site!!

    1. Thank you, I think it was less than that even!

    2. Stop tempting me to look at Adspot again - I managed to resist your Mulberry last night, and now I've had to go and take another look... and now there's a personal ochre Malden too - someone better get that quick, I kinda miss mine lol