26 November 2013

Web Finds - 26 November 2013

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Post No. 2 for The Jewelry Project - This Bugs Life
  2. Testing out a new setup... - Filo Fabulosity
  3. Weekly To-Do List- Leaf & Acorn - Incarnations of Organization
  4. Filofax: Inside My A5 Original - A Crafty Island Girl
  5. Dots, Lines, Grid, or Blank? - The Contemplative Belle
  6. My love/hate relationship with the A5 - This Bugs Life
  7. 365/30: What are your top three writing instruments? - Filomaniac
  8. Pros and Cons of using a Compact Filofax - The Filofax Lifestyle
  9. Stockholm Filofax meet – December and January? - This Bugs Life
  10. Week in Photos / Links #47, 2013 - The Contemplative Belle
  11. A5 Original Filofax in green - Review - Paper Pens Ink
  12. A5 Brown Belmont on its way to me!  - This Bugs Life
  13. 2014: Ready to Rock - Well Planned Life
  14. Things Filofax on Etsy - This Bugs Life
  15. Philofaxy All Star Guest Post – How to Create Your Own Inventory of Ink Pads - DiY Fish
  16. Tutorial No.9 - Adjustable Fabric Book Cover D.I.Y. - Guest Post by DIYfish - My Purpley Life
  17. New Filofaxes and Searching for the perfect inserts... - Innocent & Twisted
  18. Setup the binder with Life Mapping System - DiY Fish
  19. Filofax week in photos - Cider With Sophie
  20. Blogger Challenge - The Filofax Blog
  21. Still in planner hell... - Paper Pens Ink
  22. Post No. 5 for The Travel Project - This Bugs Life
  23. Effective Organization Techniques are Individualized - The Contemplative Belle
  24. Life: Keeping Organised with my Filofax - Paperbacks + Postcards
  25. My Filofax arrived (insert heart palpitations here). - tales from a filofriend
  26. Good mail days- My very first filofax - Seaweed Kisses
  27. 365/30: What three Reasons makeyour FiloEDC the perfect planner? - Filomaniac
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Review of an A5 Filofax Cross in turquoise, Italian leather. - Kym Brown
  2. Decorating My Filofax Friday - Week #48 - My Purpley Life
  3. Review: Schneider Topliner 967 Pens on Filofax Paper - Ruby Dumbrique
  4. Gillio a5 Set Up Planner Update - TheLittleInk
  5. Dollar Tree Haul with Washi Tape Comparsion - Jessica Belle
  6. Gillio Medium Mia Cara - jnl7974
  7. My New Filofax Purple Saffiano Personal Size Setup and Review - Ruby Dumbrique
  8. My Review Monday: Piaric Inserts for your planner  - My Purpley Life
  9. My Personal Malden Setup - Sharon Korkes
  10. Kate Spade Wellesley and Juicy Couture Charm - Liz S
  11. Weekly Filofax Decoration - AKCaraboo
  12. Filofax compact Holborn as a wallet/on the go planner - PlannerLuv
  13. Maryanne's cash envelopes in my Portland Filofax - Tracy Reinhardt
  14. First Impressions Filofax Malden in Ochre - Mits t
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