08 November 2013

Free For All Friday No. 260

Monday I was very thrilled to be a part of the Philofaxy meetup at Letts/ Filofax! More on that in a different post.

While I was there one of the many things we talked about was how some Filofax binders aren't in particularly high demand until they are discontinued, then suddenly everyone wants one. The Vintage Pink Malden is in this category right now. I remember when the color first came out and everyone was distinctly underwhelmed. "Pepto Bismol" and "raw meat" were two terms I saw describing the color. But now that it is no longer available, it is suddenly in high demand and is the subject of bidding wars on ebay.

Another example is the Cuban in Ink (dark blue) which is no longer available. I have liked the color and soft leather of these for years, but handling Nan's on Monday made me realize I should have acquired one while I could. Now I'm casually patrolling ebay and Adspot just in case I happen to see one. ;)

Is there a particular Filofax model or color that didn't especially catch your eye at first, but that you really wanted once it became scarce?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything Filofax-related!


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  2. How about being in the Filofax store in 1986 and only buying three OL7/8s and not bothering with Winchesters and their peers? Does that count?

  3. I have used a Filofax for the last fifteen years, but only recently became aware of Philofaxy! I never knew there was such a range because I simple walked into the local stationery store and bought off their shelf, from their stock. The black Identity and the brown Finsbury worked hard for those fifteen years. I simple didn't know that they came in such a range of colours.
    I wish I had been aware that there such a thing as a Finchley, in Imperial Purple.... or a Finsbury in Spring Green

  4. I quite fancied the crimson Personal Malden, but didn't purchase it until I spotted that it had become scarce. I eventually found a new one on eBay.
    And having fallen in love with my A5 Holborn zip in wine, I purchased another one in case it was discontinued - my one is showing signs of wear and tear from constant use, so I am happy I now have a spare one. And if I decide not to use it, I can always sell it :-)
    I think discontinuing colours and models does make them more desirable, but it's a total bummer if you find one that is perfect for you but it is no longer available.

  5. Its only recently that I have discovered the Amazona range, and particularly in red, which appears not to be red but a mixture of different hues. The photo of multiple red Amazonas on Cathryn Cook's blog is awesome. Can i get one anywhere now? No, but there is a brown binder on Ebay.

  6. Laurie, I have spotted on FF NL website your Cuban Personal INK currently in stock and on sales 76.00 Euros, here is the link:


  7. the vintage rose finchley...personal or A5 size...

  8. I have had my navy blue cuban for several years now. When I originally bought it,I got it because it was more affordable than some of the others in the range. Now,it seems,everyone wants it. Unfortunately I couldn't part with mine :)

  9. For me it was the Teal Baroque in personal size - I loved it but not enough to buy it. When they were discontinued I bought a pocket which I use as a travel organiser and it has been so fantastic that I have spent ages looking for a personal one. But they go for silly prices!

  10. The Aston. Wasn't interested in it at full price, reluctantly bought it at half price, was less than thrilled when it arrived. Thought about sending it back. Sure glad I didn't. Quickly became one of two top faves of mine. Softer than soft, elegant looking and has that trim profile like the Finchley that first drew me to Filofax in the first place.

    The opposite surprise for me was lusting after the sought after Maldens only to discover that after owning 5 of them, I'm not really a Malden girl after all. Except for my perfect grey pocket and personal, the others just didn't measure up. However, I'm still after the teal just because. Well, because its teal.

    The thing most frustrating for me (besides the pitiful selection on the US website...and it's almost Christimas!) is not being able to see them in a shop before purchasing. The constant searching, buying, selling, trading, and returning is getting exhausting and loosing its appeal. And even though I'm over the Malden frenzy, it still irritates me that Filofax is having production problems and have, for the past 5 months or so, pushed back the dates on Malden availability (which impacts my holiday shopping efforts for others).

    The elusive Baroque in Teal is one that I never even knew about but would have bought and now its impossible to find. The thing is, I don't want it because everyone else does. I just like Teal and would like a small collection of teal binders...which is getting difficult to achieve.