16 October 2014

Filofax Cavendish - Long term use

'How well will it wear with use' is a common question we read in comments after writing reviews on different Filofax and other brands of organisers. It is also something that I know Robert wants to add to FiloWiki too, so these photos have been shared with him too.

Earlier in the year I bought a lightly used Filofax Cavendish and you can read the review I did and the photos that go with it.

But I've also been recently donated a used example of the Cavendish by one of our readers. I gave a suitable donation to Chimwemwe as a thank you.

This example appeared to have been used quite a bit and from the outside you will see there are a few scuffs on the leather, nothing serious though. But I thought before I start work with leather care balms and polishes I would photograph it exactly as I received it, so you could see the differences between the two organisers.

So this first picture is of the 'used' one, no tears just every day usage scuffs really. The zip works just perfectly. No loose stitching. The popper holds as securely as ever too.

Here is the virtually new one, it doesn't have the same sort of 'shine' from being handled as much as the used one has. Both were photographed under the same lighting conditions too.

The comparison of the two will show better in this photo together.

The interior of the used one shows how well it is holding up. The only obvious thing is the indentations from the 30mm rings.

Even the lightly used one has some indentations but not as pronounced.

Now this was a pleasant surprise, the used one lays flatter than the virtually unused one at the bottom of the picture. And I know we all like our organisers to lay flat. So over time the Cavendish does get more supple.

This is the used one after a quick treatment of Wheelers Leather Care balm, I will give it another treatment in a few weeks time.

The Cavendish has some sort of stiffener material between the leather in the covers which most probably explains why it has retained it's shape so well.

So do you like your organisers to look used or like new?


  1. Oh I'm glad you posted this here b/c I missed the question on Facebook! I love the old and beat up ones so much more. Shiny and new just doesn't do it for me and I'd hate to pull something out of my bag and have it start a conversation. My Hamilton doesn't attract any attention, but the inside holds so much good stuff. And I know I keep going on about the leather and the rings on the Portland, but the quality on the older models is so much better; it's worth it to wait for vintage/somewhat vintage one to find you. My Hamilton has laid flat from the moment I received it and the Portland can easily fold over on itself. Also all the new filofaxes I pick up don't feel the same; the leather feels plastic-y.

  2. I like my planner to look new at the beginning and then develop that used look over time. My Franklin Covey pocket binder is fairly new and I pushed the cover back so that it would lie somewhat flat. I haven't thought about buffing the leather on my planners because they don't scratch easily.

  3. I recently acquired a Cavendish used, it's probably between these two in terms of wear. I love the way the corners have that kind of foldy wrinkle, and the leather has that 'handled' feel. And yeah, it laid flat right out of the original box the previous owner sent it to me in :) It's a great binder actually, a real work horse. Plus big rings :D

  4. great post ! I now own 3 cavendish- all used. My black one looks like it was hardly ever used and my burgundy has tons of gorgeous patina but is structurally JUST fine!!! I have received them all recently through ebay purchases so have yet to really move into them and see how we get along. I love them though. they feel wonderful !


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