18 October 2014

Web Finds - 18 October 2014

I hope you had a good week?

Time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Filofax Pretties: Compact Dividers - So Joey Creates
  2. Absolute Planner Peace - It's Bluetiger
  3. Free Day Per Page - Undated Personal Size - Sparkle Frogs
  4. DIY Filofax Folder Divider! - Strange and Charmed
  5. A Touch Me Day - This Bug's Life
  6. Planner Addict Tag - The Paradox of An Organized Scientist
  7. Simple & Classic Lined Week on Two Pages Inserts - Ms Wenduhh
  8. Time Management Monday: When non-urgent tasks become urgent - Quo Vadis Blog
  9. Additional Organizing Apps and Services - Well Planned Life
  10. {31 Days #16} Bonus Printable: Undated Daily Page - Planner Fun
  11. Month in Review - August 2014 - My Purpley Life
  12. 2015 Diary Planning - Imysworld
  13. An Updated Look at My Planner Set-Up - Homemakers Daily
  14. 365/30: Have you started organizing your planner for next year? - Filomaniac
  15. How to Make Die Cut Stickers Without a Machine! - Ms Wenduhh
  16. Month in Review - September 2014  - My Purpley Life
  17. {31 Days #17} Chore Lists In My Task Divider  - Planner Fun
  18. Original Patent A5 is my Life Coach - It's Bluetiger
  19. Using the Filofax Flex A5 - Seaweed Kisses
  20. Die Filofax Foto-A-Day Challenge 10/14 (2) - Filomaniac
  21. {31 Days #16} Bonus Printable: Undated Daily Page  - Planner Fun
  22. Layouts and my Upcoming Conundrum - Becky's Paper Route
  23. Feature focus: List boxes - Quo Vadis Blog
  24. Brand new personal planner kits from Websters Pages - Mrs Brimbles
  25. Filofax DIY - This little DIY could save your life one day - The Paradox of An Organized Scientist
  26. Pet Care Stickers for Planners - Ms Wenduhh
  27. Video: Project-Based Planning - Paper Goodness
  28. Planning for Christmas - Budgets & Money - Filofax Friday - Mrs Brimbles
  29. ♡ Planner Addicts Tag - The Life & Musings of Annie Rose
  30. Eilmeldung: Meet up in München - neuer Termin! - Filomaniac
  31. How To Remove Divider Labels From Your Planner - Renew Your Space
  32. Recently - Little Lamm
  33. Mrs Brimbles October photo challenge - week two - She's Electic
  34. FREE Filo Friday – A5 Insert Blog Plan with Mermaid - Happy Embellished
  35. Filofax Update - Part 2 - Sticky Muse
  36. Déballage de mon kikki.k - Confessions d'une accra à l'organisation
  37. I Went and got a Pennybridge - Grakky F
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Decorating my Filofax Month on 2 Pages: October 2014 - Mits t
  2. TMI Tag / Filofax Deocration w.42 - The Desk of Adam
  3. Tuesday Tip: How To Print Philofaxy Inserts - A5 Size - My Purpley Life
  4. Filofax Decoration Week 43 - Palestblue
  5. ***Filofax Mini Topaz and Pocket Chameleon as my Wallet| - MsPassiontea
  6. Filofax Setup - Personal Holborn - Palestblue
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  1. Does anyone know if Filofax has abandoned their Flex Diary inserts or are they just late coming out? I've searched their website for a 2015 diary but cannot find any reference to it, only a horizontal year planner.

  2. They certainly were available - and still are from other websites and stockists. I suspect that Filofax have again underestimated, or is trying to suppress, demand. Next they'll be phasing out Flex because of low sales - but who is going to buy one when you can't get a diary?


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