22 October 2014

Guest Post - My Filofax - Journey to planning land - 'UK Jon'

I got my first Filofax as a gift from my sister in 1987 (a Wellington?) but didn't get to grips with it. A second followed a year later from a well known high street bank when I opened a student account. But I only really used that for addresses and inspiring quotes, or jotting down indie music lyrics (ah, late 80s campus life).

Fast forward to 2014 and many things have changed. Now I'm a pseudo grown-up with a young family. The miserable indie music has (largely) gone. The hair definitely so. But recently I found that old, black, Personal Filofax in a drawer. It had little in it, but was so tactile I decided to investigate and lo and behold, a huge Filofax community.

So after reading.....and reading....and watching numerous videos on set up, tips and techniques.....I'm now happily using that old 'Personal With No Name'. Maybe it should be called Clint.

BUT - then saw an A5 Domino on offer. As a leftie I thought the extra space would help. Done deal.

THEN saw a Slimline Finsbury on offer. It looked so good....Done Deal.

SO - I've gone from no planner to a choice/combination of three in about a month. I'm leaning towards the A5 and Slimline combo, but am aware of the One Planner One Life school of thought.

The experiment begins.....

In homage to 'Kent from Oz', who's prolific with his videos, I'll sign off as 'UK Jon'

Thank you Jon, we look forward to seeing how you have set up your new organisers and how you are going to use them. 


  1. bows gracefully and acknowledges the compliment!

  2. Great post Jon - welcome to Planner Land! I hope your choice of planner(s) serves you well and brings you the peace of mind which comes from having 'everything in hand'.


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