14 October 2014

Free For All Tuesday No. 193


  1. Any suggestions on the best way to repair the pop fastener on an old Winchester? I've just snagged a vintage burgundy 4CLF5/4 from eBay, perfect condition by the looks of it with the exception of the cover on the pop fastener is missing. Any suggestions on the best fix gratefully received...

    1. Hi Paul
      Is it the bit of the popper on the clasp or on the cover of the organiser that is missing?

      You can buy the fasteners at haberdashery stores. Or try a shoe repairer for them.

    2. Hi Steve -
      it's just the cover on the top of the fastener on the clasp. The same thing happened to my original grey Winchester and it seems to be quite common - the plastic cover just breaks and falls off. Purely cosmetic, really - the package hasn't arrived yet but the seller stated that the fastener works fine - but given the apparent condition of the rest of the binder it would irritate me to live with it!

  2. Hi!

    Votes for the best DO2P for a personal size Filofax? I like DIYFish's, but as far as I can tell, I can't just buy the dated DO2P. What does everyone else use?


  3. Hi, Paul,
    I had just the same problem with a burgundy vintage Winchester ;-))….
    I bought nail-polish in a matching colour and `filled` the top of the fastener layer by layer (always leaving it to dry completely before the next layer) - and after a couple of days I had a fastener almost as pretty as new. I am using it for > than 3 years now and it still looks fine. I hope this can help you! Greetings, Sari

  4. I know it's not Tuesday, but here's a thing.

    I used to love my filofax but have been all electronic for a few years. Your site, and seeing some of my old diaries and realising that I remember appointments that I wrote down years ago better than ones I typed the other day have persuaded me that it may be time to go analogue again.


    I like Evernote and Googletasks.

    How do other people combine technology and paper?

    1. I use a combination of both. I like to keep a backup phone number list in my filofax wallet because my cel often runs out of power. This allows me to make calls even when I borrow a phone. I keep a notebook in my purse with a pen and backup up my on the run notes by putting them into evernote at a later time. Finally, I keep a paper bound bullet journal on my desk. At the end of the year, I plan to go back and photograph any indexes or notes in the book and backup onto evernote. Then keep the bullet journal for a year before tossing it.

    2. I use a combination of both as well. I use my filofax for appointments/projects/goals and use Evernote all the time for taking notes during meetings and for any ideas I find online. I manage social media for a school, and have found that tracking things on paper gives me a better idea of everything I'm working on digitally.


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