18 September 2015

Free for All Friday No. 357 by Nan

Welcome to the end of another week and a round of open discussion! It's good, at the end of a week, or any time, really, to have your work and efforts appreciated. But sometimes it feels like you're getting no encouragement, at least not from the outside.

Do you keep anything to encourage you inside your Filofax? A photo of a victorious moment? A copy of an award or certificate? A favorite quote?


  1. I keep a photo of my husband, parents and dog with me to share with others and provide cheer to myself. I always have quotes dispersed throughout my planner to provide motivation! I try to change the quote out as needed. I have also found so great mantras that I have shrunk down to fit in my planner!

  2. My experiment to use Wo3P in my Franklin pocket binder was a quick one. I disliked the unequal space for each day (2 days on 2 pages, 3 days on one page) and the inability to see the entire week at once. I have returned to my Wo2P insert that I finished earlier this year. It is clean and streamlined and the view of the whole week is a positive feature. I also have more than enough list and scrap paper for additional space.

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  4. I keep a quote on the inside of my dashboard - "Never let 'em see you sweat". It reminds me not to moan, groan and complain as often!


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