08 September 2015

Free For All Tuesday No. 240


  1. Kinda-sorta a Filofax question. I have a Franklin Covey binder that is soft and supple leather that I love - but it's seven ringed and I've converted to six rings for my Filos. The good news is that this FC binder's rings are removable (they're on a hard piece of plastic that slips in the back pocket of the cover) - I was wondering if there was anywhere I could purchase the ring replacement setup to swap out the FC rings with FF rings on that piece of plastic. Any suggestions or advice? Then at least I could use the binder again without having thirteen holes in a piece of paper!

    1. Another 5 and you have a round of golf!

      Send me a photo if you can of the FC ring mechanism with it removed if possible and I will try to advise.

      Does the FC binder have a big back pocket? Also what page size is it?


    2. Photos emailed. It's half letter sized (Classic, I think they call it) and the pocket is a big slip pocket in which the plastic piece slips into.