17 February 2017

Free For All Friday - no. 431 by Anita

I have owned quite a few Filofaxes over the years, but tend to keep a pretty small collection as I usually sell one if I purchase a new one. This has enabled me to try out a good variety and I've realised that my preference is for older models in red, brown or black colour. I think that partly I like the layout and design of the vintage ones, but it's occurred to me recently that I also prefer owning something with a bit of character. It also needs to be in a darker colour, so that it doesn't show wear and tear so easily. As a recovering perfectionist, I can absolutely understand why someone would want to keep their binder in pristine condition by keeping it in a pouch, but for me personally trying to keep things like new just caused me stress. I think that nowadays I probably enjoy using them more as I'm not worried about damaging or marking them with use.

Do you keep your binders in a pouch, or do they get shoved into bags (like mine)?

And as always, as it's Friday please feel free to discuss anything organiser related.
Have a great weekend.  


  1. I like to keep things pristine, too, Anita, and I find I become obsessed, to the point where I'm not using the lovely things I've bought. It's a difficult habit to break!

  2. Hi, my style is definitely straight-into-the bag and I favor the used look of materials that don't mind getting wear. The Balmorals I used in the past were tough as nails, like armor. Whereas my Sandhurst of 17 years has the gorgeous kind of leather that gently scuffs in a good way. My beloved mini Bloomsbury was well-worn when I got it; it's more battered now and still looks beautiful to me. I think the natural scars and signs of wear on any binder are endearing, appealing, and interesting. As my husband says: they're a badge of honor and they tell a story. :)


  3. I love how my planners age as I use them. There is something about the patina and "love marks" that makes me feel even more attached to them. I also like how the planner learns to stay open based on how I use it. The Maldens are particularly adept at this. And the pockets become a bit more relaxed and malleable to accommodate my business cards, etc. A well-loved planner is like a child to me. However, I do throw my child in my purse with reckless abandon!

  4. "recovering perfectionist"...I love it!!

  5. Eu não costumo ter pena das minhas Filofax, a não ser se eu pense que vou acabar vendendo. Eu também prefiro modelos mais clássicos.