05 February 2017

Agendio A5 Filofax refills by Laurie

Awhile back I did a post here on Philofaxy about Agendio custom inserts. I did a post on Plannerisms explaining how Agendio works and some of the options. Recently I did another post on Plannerisms showing some of Agendio's new features. I'll let you read those posts to see the details of how Agendio works so I don't have to repeat it all here, because it is a lot of information! Long story short: Agendio allows you to choose your size and layout of planner, and customize it to your needs with labels, holidays, events, and loads of options.

Agendio has since expanded their selection of inserts to include Filofax A5 and Personal, Franklin Planner in Monarch, Classic and Compact, DayTimer in Folio and Desk size, full size pages in A4 or US letter size, and unpunched looseleaf (to punch yourself for disc bound) in Letter and Half Letter sizes.

I'll show you the pages I made for my A5 Filofax. These pages are Model 12245. You can choose which month your planner starts. I started mine in February 2017.

My apologies for the poor quality of these photos! It's hard to get good light here this time of year. The pages look MUCH better than this in person. The paper is pure white, and the type is very clear. My photos do not do these pages justice at all! Sorry about that.

I was able to customize the weekly layout to add features I need. (Click on photos for a larger view). I chose the week on the left page with the right page for lists.

I added all my personal days, events, activities, holidays of my choosing, birthdays and anniversaries, etc.

One of the new features I really like is the ability to add color to the pages. You can have the same color all year, or a different color each month. I chose a different color each month.

Here you can see more details on my pages. Some examples of events I added: Trash or Recycling (I mark out the one it's not, so I don't have to rewrite week after week), blog schedule, when to check the batteries in the smoke detectors, etc. I also added bills to pay, insurance renewals, when my dog is due for vaccines, etc.

The right page has pretty much revolutionized my life. I customized the spaces on the left side of the page Mon-Fri. This is where I write work tasks. I work from home so I like seeing my work tasks alongside, but not mixed into, my day spaces. This allows me to easily see what I need to do (or did) for work each day. Doing this has allowed me to use A5 weekly pages. Previously I thought I would have to go to a larger page size to have enough space to write what I needed for work and personal each day.

The right side of the page is for to-do lists. The shaded space at the top right of the page is for weekly goals.

I also added some extra pages for Budget and birthday planning. There are loads of options for extra pages.

I didn't get monthly pages, but you can choose monthly pages with or without notes pages printed between, embedded in the weekly pages or not.

The paper in these inserts is pure white, 90 gsm. I think the paper is the perfect thickness: I can use all my pens with no bleed through, but the pages don't bulk up my planner.

Agendio is located in North America and ships internationally. They do not ship to all countries, check their FAQ to see if your country is on the list and to see more about taxes and fees. I'm in the UK and I did have to pay tax and fees to receive the inserts.

Because each planner is completely customized and specially printed, be sure to give plenty of time (at least 3 weeks) for printing and shipping within the US and Canada, and more time for international orders. Since you can choose which month to start your planner, you can have your planner start in the month when it will arrive (not when you order).

I received these planner pages for free in exchange for a review. I am not affiliated with Agendio in any way. My personal opinion: Agendio products are of the highest quality, and the customization options are the most extensive of any planners I've ever seen.


  1. They look great! If I ever move back into an A5, I would probably get these! I love that you can add your own things to the calendar - especially repeating tasks. Great review. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I highly recommend Agendio. I'm really enjoying these inserts, they are my daily workhorse pages. I'm in love with this layout, I don't think I could function any other way now! And the paper is a joy to write on.

    I don't know if I was clear enough in the post, but Agendio makes personal and A5 size Filofax inserts as well as loads of other sizes for other brands. You can see all their inserts to fit all the brands and sizes here: https://agendio.com/customizable-planner-refills

    1. Oh - sorry - no I meant if I moved back to a desk A5 instead of a TN... But thanks for the heads up about the personal size too (though it would have to be a week on 2 pages for me for that size and I've got too use to week + notes now I think).

  3. Your inserts look very handsome, Laurie.

    Think Agendio pages are very well designed graphically and good quality.

    I worked with someone at Agendio about a year ago on some ideas for custom pages. They were very amenable and open to my ideas.

    Only thing was I wanted them printed on FC Compact size paper, which at the time, they did not have yet. After waiting a bit, I got some other inserts that were available. Otherwise, I would have ordered Agendio.

    Good to know that they did make several other sizes available now. Will keep them in mind for future.

    Meanwhile, enjoy your inserts.