10 February 2017

Free For All Friday - No 430 by Steve

If you have more than a few organisers, do you have any favourites?

The ones you always come back to after a brief break from whilst you have used others in your 'collection'

They are also the ones you will never sell or giveaway no matter what their flaws are!

I'm often asked so 'How many do you own....?' and I reply and then the obvious follow question comes up, 'Which is your favourite?'

Well the picture to the above I think sums up my favourites. My two Van der Spek Custom A5's. The older dark brown one has 35mm rings in it and I use it as my 'reference organiser' it has all my maps and information pages in it. Stuff I need to hand when I'm at home or as a safe storage place between travels.

The lighter brown A5 is my constant companion with my planner and a few notes pages in it, but not a lot else. It has things stored in the pockets I need if I'm out and about. Although I don't always carry this with me.

So what is your favourite? But as it is a Friday don't forget you are more than welcome to discuss anything organiser related.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Did that Rapesco punch competition ever come to anything? Can I now assume I haven't won one and go buy from Amazon?

  2. I am working between ring planners and traveler's notebook. Currently I am in my Gillio Compagna Medium in Rust color. My favorite and always come back and still feel like home is my very first planner, original midori traveler's notebook in regular size brown. I don't use it all the time as I am always exploring new planner. Yet with all the planners come and go, I never thought to sell my Midori. Everytime when I want to back to simple journaling and planning, I tend to reach to my Midori. It makes me feel like home and safe.

  3. I like my leather cover with pockets, my bound notebook with grid sheets and my new layout on the grid paper. For 2017 I designed a yearly insert on lined paper, a weekly format on grid sheets and my new monthly one on grid sheets. I used the weekly one for one month. Then I envisioned the monthly layout and prefer it after ten days because of the explicit sections. On the weekly format on grid sheets I shaded the box to indicate completion on a certain day. The drawbacks were the probable shading of the incorrect box and not knowing the date from the symbol or color. I viewed the number at the top of the column for that information. On my monthly pages I write the date of the notation.

    After designing different layouts and drawing extra lines on lined paper I now only trim paper for my A5 Binder and the pages of a bound notebook. The reason does not pertain to the required effort and time of the activities I ceased. I just am not interested in pondering calendars, layouts and options.