19 February 2017

Sunday Start Monthly Inserts

A few weeks ago I showed you all how you can create Sunday start weekly inserts. Today I'm going to dive in and show you to how to create Sunday Start Monthly inserts.

The process is similar, if anything slightly easier. Whilst I'm only covering Monthly inserts, the same principles will apply to changing any monthly calendar including the ones at the top of some of our weekly inserts.

Fortunately the change is only in the Word source document, you do not need to change anything in the Excel source document.

So starting with a conventional Monday Start Month on One Page:

In the Word source file if you toggle the preview in the mail merge tool you will see the merge fields as shown below:

To change this to Sunday Start you obviously need to move the header days across by one column and move Sunday to the start of the week.

You then need to move the merge fields for Sunday across to the start column but shifted down the table by a week. As follows:

Toggling the mail merge preview gives you the final result:

Once again can I emphasise that we have no intention of providing Sunday Start inserts in addition to Monday start ones at present. So if you really want Sunday Start inserts it is time to learn how to do the mail merge etc to be able to create your own inserts.

To help you get started, here are the source files I created for the screen shots above:

Sunday Start Month on One Page - Word Source file, Excel Source file.

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