24 September 2018

Maintaining Your Organiser(s)

Caring for your organiser or organisers if you have few isn't something you need to do that often.

However, it doesn't harm to put a reminder in your diary to go through your collection once a year and check them over and give them a clean and inspection.

I'm about to do my annual check of my 'collection', which will involve emptying each shelf of my cupboard. Then go through each box in turn and carry out the following actions.
  1. Empty the contents out of the pockets and remove anything from the rings. Although I tend to store most of mine empty. 
  2. Visually inspect the exterior and interior and note any loose stitching and any damage. 
  3. Check the rings for any gaps or mis-alignment. 
  4. Open and close the rings a few times using the tabs of course and then recheck the rings. 
  5. Dust the interior and wipe the exterior with a clean microfibre cloth. 
  6. Treat with leather balm if required.
For the visual checks you only need the Mark 1 Eye Ball! Or a magnifier, if like me you can hardly focus close these days!

If you spot any loose stitching a little spot of clear nail varnish or glue, the smallest spot possible will stop it getting any worse.

When checking the rings also use your fingers to feel for any rough transitions as these will catch on the paper as you turn the pages. Refer to our guide on fixing ring problems if required.

To dust the interior you can use my sticky tape trick to remove any paper dust from the textile interior or the raw leather backing. Here is a video on this technique.

If you need to treat the leather use a recognised leather care product, I use the products shown below, but other brands are just as acceptable, see what is available locally to you. Check the type of leather you have first.

Apply with a soft clean micro fibre cloth and use soft circular motions to get the balm in to the pours of the leather.

Beware not all leathers need or accept leather treatments, check with the manufacturer or test on a small not visible area first.

There is an excellent page on leather care here.

Of course when you have finished pop your pages back in again and you are ready to go for another year or so.


  1. Informative post. thanks for sharing this information. Filofax binders are expensive so it is sensible to look after them.

  2. thank you for sharing this. I am always looking for the best way to take care of my planners.

  3. Sorry this is a bit late, but any idea what to do about rusty rings. I pulled an old Filofax out and discovered that the rings are very rusty (this is the second one this has happened to). Is there something that can remove the rust without damaging the Filofax - it's an old slimline Finsbury.

    1. Rub vigorously with dull side of aluminum foil.

  4. I do regualr binder check-ups too and of course I write them down in my filofax so I do not forget abot them! also thak you for sharing your ideas :)

  5. I've somehow missed this post before. Thanks for advice as usual, Steve.