28 September 2018

Free For All Friday No 515 by Laurie

A few weeks ago I was at a back-to-school parents' coffee and had a Filofax-in-the-wild moment!

The lady heading the coffee pulled out her black A5 Domino Filofax, and I pulled out my duck egg A5 Domino Soft! We chatted for just a few minutes about the glories of Filofax and stationery in general before the meeting got underway.

During the meeting she and I both used our Filofax several times, to write in and refer to dates, and she referenced her notes for the meeting.

At one point she asked if I had a sticky note, which of course I did, on my Filofax sticky notes dashboard.

Later in the meeting we confirmed a meeting the following week about the upcoming class trip. I already had the date and time written in, but not the location so I opened my Filofax again to write in the location. Everyone's eyes got wide when they saw my custom weekly pages filled with writing. (In case you are interested in which pages I use, you can see them here, scroll right to number 3/5.)

After the meeting I asked one of the moms if her son would be at my son's birthday party the next weekend. She confirmed and I wrote the details on the designated birthday party page in, of course, my Filofax!

Have you spotted other Filofax users in the wild or gotten to chat with others about their Filofax lately?

And as always, feel free to discuss and/ or ask anything ring binder organizer related!


  1. At work, I go to various meetings in various locations.

    Occasionally, I see someone with a ring binder.

    Although being in USA, the binder is most often a Franklin Covey or Day-Timer binder. Have seen a few Filofax or TIME/System binders as well.

  2. Not wishing to be off the topic of 'filofax in the wild' (although at a meeting last week, all three of us had filofaxes in constant use), but I wanted to share my horror in visiting Paperchase in Manchester today: almost their entire range of both filofaxes and own-brand binders and refills have been relegated to a sorry state behind the counter.

    They are in the sale, greatly diminished in range, and the assistant told me that they are unlikely to be restocking at all.

    The end has come, as far as Paperchase Manchester is concerned, with anyone wanting personal organisers. Very sad.

  3. Question on the custom Van der Spek planners. Although I can customize the A5 Manager, there are key elements of the design that I simply don't need or want (all those card slots). Does Van der Spek offer the design your own feature to all its customers, or is that limited to long-time buyers/bloggers? I wanted to touch base with the Philofaxy community before contacting the company. Thank you.

    1. vdS will customize binders beyond what the options you see on the webpage. I've done this on several of the their binders I've ordered.

      Just email Petra about what you want. However, please note there is typically a charge for each extra customization.