14 September 2018

Free for All Friday No. 513 by Nan

Today I had a planner failure. I had a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning. I was tired, so I allowed myself a few extra minutes of sleep, thinking that the doctor's office was just a few minutes away, in the local medical building where all my doctors are located.

Nope. This doctor works out of a different office, 45 minutes away. Sheepishly, I had to call the office and explain that I would be 45 minutes late. They were very understanding, but had to reschedule my appointment. In the future, I'll make sure to record the location of all my appointments!

Have you had any planner snafus lately? Of course, since it's Friday, all ring-bound planner discussion is welcome.


  1. I guess, to qualify as bona fide planner snafu, one would have to be in a state of more or less permanent planner fail!
    Glitches, when they happen, would typically involve some permutation of what/where/when/who. I think the "where" dimension, as in your case Nan, may be the one most likely to catch us reasonably organised folk out. Nearly had one of those earlier in the week, when the car was due a service. My partner took it down to the garage the evening before, but said they seemed a bit vague about what work they were supposed to be doing. And then we started to wonder if it was actually sitting at the wrong garage. Luckily all was well.

  2. Easily done Nan!! I went to my usual hairdressers today for a cut and blow dry, and totally forgot that it is cash only in there, they don't have a card machine.Old fashioned ways really I suppose. However, as chance would have it I had just been to the cashpoint,so could pay. It could have been a very red faced moment otherwise and would have spoiled a lovely pampering afternoon for me. It's the silly little reminders like that which can catch us all out and need to go in our planners alongside the appointment really as little memory joggers. xxxx

  3. Yes. I have. I had scrwled down ad hoc meeting requests at work that were not sent via Outlook meeting request, into Little Purple (my favourite filofax, Malden personal size) in the notes section. when I transposed them to the actual days the meetings were supposed to be on, i put them in the wrong month .... found out on Wednesday I had double booked myself and not only had back to back meetings all day but two I had to merge into one...