28 December 2018

Free for All Friday No. 528 by Nan

And so it's the last FFAF of 2018. Laurie and Steve have already started the discussion about the various issues of updating or changing over your organizers for the new year, so we can certainly continue in that vein.

Have you already changed over your organizer for 2019? Or are you still awaiting inspiration? I'm planning to work on mine over the next few days, but I've been thinking about what I want to do for a while.

Or, as always, feel free to ask or discuss anything ring-binder related!

A happy (and well-organized!) New Year to everyone in our Philofaxy community!


  1. I'll change mine out New Year's Eve. That way I can properly archive and December and start 2019 fresh.

  2. Just need/want 2019 vertical year on cotton cream pocket size because the paper is stout when folding and unfolding so often. I have to order from e-bay - not offered at filofaxusa), otherwise all moved in, actually since November.

  3. I've already changed over to a different binder in preparation for the new year & will be writing a Reader's Favourite Organiser post about my new acquisition. I have some time off work now, so will be sitting down to do a review & decide on which set up to use. Time to pull everything out & consider what stays or goes.