24 December 2018

Mini Year Planner - Vertical Format

Another insert that we have never been asked for, a year planner but in vertical format rather than horizontal format and by popular request for Mini size. The A5 version is here, the Personal version is here, the A6 version is here and the Pocket version is here.

It looks like this:

Please note I used colour shading on this one just to enhance it a little bit. The downloads come with a 'normal' 12.5% grey shading we use on nearly all our inserts, but it is easy enough to change.

You can print out this out on a single sheet of A4, do not scale it, print it 100%, trim the printed page to 105mm high by 185 mm wide, punch and then 'Z-fold' to fit a Mini size organiser.

The folds are at 67 mm and approximately 126mm from the left hand edge.

You can download and print finished versions for this year from our diary inserts page.

If you want to customise this insert to your own requirements you need to download the source files here Word file and the Excel file, you will need both.

When you've made all the changes you like to the template, you can perform a mail merge to create your own insert for any period you like. Check out our Free Diary Inserts link if you want more information on how to do this, including videos.

Once again a big thank you to Ray at 'My Life All In One Place' for his hard work and co-operation with helping to create and support us with all these inserts.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.Please download, adapt, use, share, but do not charge or use commercially.


  1. This is a fantastic addition Steve, thank you. I love the Mini format so thank you again.

  2. Thank you! It's great to still have options for the mini size.

  3. Hello!
    There seems to be something wrong with the links to the source files? Or maybe it is just me and my computer? I would love to make myself a customised version of this.

    1. I've just downloaded both files via the link. It might be that you need to give permission to download from our site. Please do a refresh and try again

    2. I got them now. Thank you.