14 December 2018

Free For All Friday No. 526

We are entering the last couple of weeks of 2018. I'm sure some of you have already inserted and started using your 2019 inserts.

I transferred mine in a few weeks ago, as 2019 is going to be fairly busy for me.

However, I'm really looking forward to sitting down in the quiet period between Christmas and New Year and being able to go through my organiser and slimming it down a bit. Checking and updating information. Archiving my 2018 pages, ready to start a fresh in January.

Do you do something similar ?

Of course it is a Friday so we welcome any ring organiser related discussion.

Have a great weekend and bonne fĂȘtes as they say around here!


  1. As soon as the 2019 inserts were available, I started filling them out. I added the monthly and weekly 2019 inserts to my Filofax and archived off the earlier 2018 pages, always keeping a year's worth of pages in my Filofax. This helped me plan next year's holiday since I already had the 2019 pages in my Filofax.
    I love the flexibility of the Filofax, which means I don't have to have a yearly or academic diary - I can just add inserts as and when they become available, and if you print your own you can have whatever combination works for you.

  2. I carry monthly overview pages for the start of 2019 in my compact FF since October and as it is a compact organiser have already removed the first half of this year's weekly pages but have not added new ones for Jan2019 yet. So for the festive season is the plan to fully switch old for new years inserts and compile my 2018 archive pages. I also love the flexibility of my ring organiser and I inwardly smile whenever I come accross bound planner people in December with two books instead of one :-)

  3. I have spent a day just updating and slimming down my VDS planner. I was beginning to carry round too many frilly decorative dashboard type pages and rarely used pages which were bulking it on out. I prefer the functional business like look myself, with only a few pieces of decor, but that's my style and I was getting irritated by the over fussy bits of decor I'd added.Started to use 2019 pages, each diary section for a purpose, no duplication. So my weekly is my main reference for tasks and appoitments, no monthly appointment pages, but monthlies used for birthdays and anniversaries instead. Yearlies for medical and dentist records and another for holidays and training days. I also have a lists and notes section. 2019 is ready to insert at New Year. xx

  4. I've had my 2019 inserts in for a while now - I usually need to start planning the first quarter around the start of November - but I've set aside two days in between Christmas and the New Year to do a full GTD review, and will re-signed all if of lists and diary then. Ive done this every year for a long time. IllI finalise my 2019 goals and set up the milestones as well. I try to do this in the office, where I can be alone and uninterrupted