22 November 2019

Free for All Friday No. 576 by Nan

Do you use your Filofax for fitness? I often keep a food journal in a personal size Filofax, and record weight, bodyfat, steps, sleep, etc. on a week-per-2-pages diary.

Do you have any tips you'd like to share?

Of course, since it's Friday, all ring-bound planner discussion is welcome!


  1. This is totally unrelated to the original post, but where else to go when you're having planner dilemmas!

    This year I'm having an exceptional hard time choosing a planner for 2020. I'm so tired of spending money and going back and forth. I just want to stay in the same planner for the entire year and spend my energy elsewhere. I have a personal Malden that I bought earlier this year, I have to say it was quite the investment. yet I keep changing out of it for a Moleskine weekly notebook, which is at best minimal but limited in space. The only two systems I've ever managed to stay in for any period of time is Filofax and Moleskine.

    What do I choose! Any advice/input welcome :)

    1. What about getting inserts that look like the Moleskine weekly you like and put those in the Malden? You can always add more paper if you need it for a week, or make a separate notes section at the back.

  2. I used to avidly use my Filofax for recording all my health and fitness records. I took my Slimline organiser to the gym and had self-printed workout pages to tick exercises completed etc. I drew graphs and monitored progress (or lack of!) on handwritten charts. However, much as I hate to admit this here, for the past couple of years, I’ve switched to the iPhone Health and Activity Apps supplemented by Fitness Point, SleepWatch, Komoot and MyFitnessPal. It was the ability to use my Apple Watch 3 to automatically record workout data such as swimming lengths/stroke type, heart rate when running, kilometres cycled, depth of sleep etc. and see instant graphs and progress on weight/ BMI that has been both transformational and motivational.

    I’m still using my Filofaxes for many things, but apart from setting and reviewing my annual, quarterly and monthly fitness goals on paper, everything healthwise is - for me - now digital. Tim Edwards, Yorkshire UK

  3. Sounds like you gather pretty comprehensive data there Tim. I use some apps (Fitbit and BodyTrax) for detailed stats, but keep track of number of exercise sessions using an annual leaf in my Filofax.