28 November 2019

Ikea items for planner people

Someone on one of the Facebook groups asked for recommendations for a suitable stand for their Filofax organiser so it was raised off the desk or countertop surface.

A list of suitable stands started to appear, quite a lot of them from Ikea (pronounced Ekr in French!).

So Steve and I started to put together a list of other 'suitable' accessories for planner users from the big 'Blue and Yellow' Swedish shop!

And here is the list we came up with!

Raskog trolley

Grimar bamboo tablet holder

Vivalla bamboo veneer tablet stand

Brada laptop support

Isberget tablet stand

Knallbage bag organiser

Kuggis drawer/box insert

Knallbage accessory bag, set of 3

Samla insert for box

Forfina packing bag set of 6

Pleja desk organiser

Kvissle desk organiser

Malaren, box set of 7


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