01 November 2019

Free For All Friday - No 573 by Steve

October seems to have gone past quickly, the weather is starting to rapidly cool down here in France as we go in to Autumn.

I've managed to get all of my diary inserts printed off for 2020 and ready for the new year.

Are you ready for the new year yet?

And as it is Friday of course feel free to discuss anything Filofax related.


  1. I have bought a small 52 week planner,numbered in boxes, from PPCCo.Peanuts Planner Co.I was going to use the insert for an in the news for 2019 type thing, but Brexit has been so depressing and much the same from week to week, that the idea no longer appeals. Any ideas for a new use for 2020 folks?? Thanks.

  2. @Butaben, thank you for Peanuts Planner mention. I just viewed their site. I love their stuff. Thank you (I think - lol).

  3. Rita, their inserts are fabulous. Well designed and easy to print. I use a mix of freebie dated pages from Philofaxy and PPco reference. Can be used year to year which I like as makes them good value in the long run. xx

  4. I have my 2020 inserts, but now I'm rethinking some stuff. In the time between buying my inserts, receiving them, and now-things have changed that have made me rethink some things.