19 June 2020

Free For All Friday - No. 606 by Anita

I have a confession... I almost purchased another Filofax the other day.

I've been feeling very content in my Kensington, so I'm not quite sure why, but I browsed in Facebook Marketplace and found a wine A5 Holborn zip for £35! The seller confirmed that they would be happy to post and would get a quote for me the next day. However, after my initial excitement and sleeping on it, I started to wonder why I actually wanted it and realised that it was just the cheap price. Since working from home, I have considered upgrading to A5, but so far really don't feel the need.

Therefore, I let the seller know and instead felt relieved when it was sold to someone else. If I'm honest, I think it was also a little bit of lockdown retail therapy creeping in and I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff that is going to sit in a drawer. I would have bought the Holborn is I knew that I was going to use it, but instead I treated myself to some secondhand Harry Potter DVDs as I realised that I haven't seen all the films, despite reading the books many times, and my Mum can enjoy them too with me.

Have you been indulging in some Filofax retail therapy since the lockdown started?

And as always, please feel free to discuss anything ringbound organiser related.
Have a great weekend.


  1. A steal at £35, I have got one in dark brown, it's great when I'm travelling because being a zip you know the contents are secure.

    I've resisted buying anything in the Filofax big sale at the moment as well.

    1. I agree, Steve! If it had been personal size in zip, I would definitely have bought it.

      On purpose, I haven't looked at the sale as I'm trying to avoid temptation...

  2. I’ve not bought anything apart from next year’s diary. I always get a week per page, so there’s no agonising over the format to hold me back!

  3. Yes, lockdown itch indeed. I have purchased three filos in April and May (one as replacement for a breaking down filo (Durham Personal Zip replacing my deteriorating Guildford Personal Zip),one as future replacement of my cinema filo [Pocket Ranger)and one for fun (Temperly Ikat in yellow)- all bought used on ebay. Other than that there were two purchases of new items, one M2P insert personal for 2021 from a UK seller, since it is not available here in Germany, and one Pilot Cavalier fountain pen from Japan that goes into my Ikat.

  4. Actually, I wound up selling two lovely Filofaxes (an espresso Sienna and cognac Finsbury) because I had bought them over a year ago on eBay thinking I'd upgrade from pocket to personal, but never did. And I didn't like them sitting in a drawer or on a shelf. I wanted them to be lovingly used. The only personal ringed planner I'm hanging onto is my coveted Filofax personal in Vintage Pink and a Franklin Covey compact Easy Plan (which I'm now using after bullet journaling for the first 6 months of the year). I used up the notebook and with things normalizing here with work and my routine, I felt good going back to rings.