26 June 2020

Free For All Friday No 607 by Laurie

As the lockdown continues where I live, there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding what the rest of this year will look like. I'm grateful for the flexibility of my Filofax yet again. At the moment, I'm planning the rest of the year in less detail than I normally would, for maximum flexibility. So far there's not a lot to plan. The school calendar for next year has been released, but all dates are tentative. Events that normally would take place this summer have been cancelled.

In the absence of plans, I have been using my planner to focus on self-care and personal growth. I've been tracking and recording exercise, mental health, reading, learning, family activities, etc. It helps to have things to fill in my pages, and to reflect on how I'm spending my time.

How have you been using your Filofax recently?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask/ discuss anything ring-bound organizer related!


  1. I am in a planner flunk at the moment. I have double fractured my ankle and the pain is so awful I can barely think straight. Anybody else I wonder get to the stage where they are playing catch up with plans and feeling in a flunk planner wise,rather than actually planning as they used to? This is beginning to get me down a bit. xxxx

    1. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your ankle! Hope that it starts to feel better soon. Maybe it sounds like you need to rest & catch up with planning later? Sorry that it's getting you down, but I would imagine you ankle won't be helping.

      And yes, I'm playing catch up as I've been very busy at work, but am trying to just go with the flow & do what I can.

  2. Awww, thank you Anita. I must admit the pain from my ankle is quite dreadful, so much so I can barely think straight. I am finding myself close to tears often with it in the day. I have started new painkillers today, quite strong ones, so waiting for them to work their stuff and build up in my system. I adore my planner and it usually keeps me sane and happy planning away and enjoying vids and blogs. Planner funk is most unlike me and did wonder in these Covid times if I am the only one feeling planner directionless!!! As you say, probably the double fracture and sheer pain dragging my spirits and va va voom down a bit. I hate that feeling of being in a backlog. Even the ironing is too much, though have been sitting down at it. I will get there. Early days I suppose in the 12 week healing forecast!!! Can't complain as others have it far worse, and it will heal thankfully without pinning. Apparently coffee helps painkillers round faster, so am getting into a coffee or diet cola habit pre-meds now .... heeee heeee!!!! xxxx