11 June 2021

Free For All Friday - No. 657 by Steve

Last Sunday, I enjoyed our regular Skype 'Virtual Meet Up'. We caught up with each others news and the current situation in our respective cities/countries. It was interesting to hear how people have been adapting their planners to their current work load/situations. 

I think this last 12-18 months have been very trying for most people and have pushed us in many different directions when it comes to finding a planner/planner size. What works in this 'new era' be that working from home, home schooling, very different scheduling etc etc. 

You know what I mean, everything has been turned on its head, nothing is quite what we expect it to be and with no predictions on when 'normal' will return... hold all bets! 

I checked today, the first 'Round Table' back in April 2010 before I moved to France! It was very much an experiment, but it has continued most months since then!

Our next chat is a week later than normal on 11th July as the previous weekend is '4th July' or is it July 4th? 😀 

What is working for you at the moment? 


  1. A6 is working so well for me at the moment. I changed to WO1P but am missing the space of WO2P. May change again next year..... will choose nearer the time. Yet will stick with A6 Loving that size. xxxxx

  2. Using my personal sized mostly for family and fitness use. WO1P with notes on the left. I use a month to 1 page as a lead in to each month and kind of index to the month. Just learning to use the FF again. It feels more personal than my hard back bullet journal I use for work these days. Just as well I keep work out of my filofax. I had a 6 double A5 spread day on half day Friday. Chaotic!!! If I'd done that on personal FF pages just think how many pages that would take!! I think work and personal being kept separate works better for me. Although an A5 Filofax might work for me, do I buy to try???