25 August 2022

Decisions decisions decisions…..

September is just around the corner. It is normally in September that I start to prepare my inserts for the next year. 

I take my time doing that. I download the files, pop them on my desktop and start to add extra details. 

I normally add key birthdays, UK public holidays, French pubic holidays, dates when the clocks change and anything else I need to remember!

September might seem a little early, but as I’ve found in previous years as we close in on the end of the year, events and trips start to get planned into the next year, so I like to have things ready to start adding those dates before they get forgotten. 

I will often have next years Year Planner printed out and in my organiser from the middle of the year onwards. That will be sufficient for adding the rough details. In 2022 my Year Planner has seen a lot of use…. Unlike 2021, when we were still in lock down for a lot of the year, so very little travelling. 

In September I will also be ordering my journal for 2023, I will be using the Quo Vadis Daily 21 as usual. I am going to be lost if they ever stop selling that day per page A5 planner that I use as a journal!!

Last year I played with the idea of changing from A5 to Personal size. Once again I’m tempted to try Personal Size again, but last year it didn’t happen, mainly because I had already printed out my A5 inserts, so it seemed like a waste of resources to duplicate a lot of the work. I might take another look at Personal Size this year, but before I do any serious printing. 

Will you be using the same size next year? Different layouts? When do you start preparing for the next year? 


  1. I don't use my FF personal anymore as calendar. It now holds a collection of lists, dates, addresses, etc. As the academic year starts in August, I too plan mid-year to mid-year. I had a Circa last year but am contemplating a new TN insert, undated weekly layout which I will backup by my mobile phone.

  2. As usual, I'm trying all kinds of sizes in August, so I don't know which one to use. I also started to try the disc bound system with a very slim discs as EDC. A5 is big and comfortable to use. I use SORA notebook for this with erasablr pages along with paper printables.

  3. I like this ideal of a reprieve from having to be true to one size/layout in august-Dec. I make my layouts fresh each month and don’t have them printed out yet for September and it feels like I am taking a gamble with every day that passes!

  4. I use an A5 for a home planner - tracking things that need or have been done. I use my phone calendar to plan appointments. I think I'm going back to my personal filofax this year. I think it will be big enough for the things that I plan.

  5. This is LaDonna. My planner is an A5 which I have been using for about 4 years now. I use inserts from Filofax because I have never made the time to sit down and figure out how to get the calendar inserts to print correctly. I have tried several times with no luck. I buy the next year's calendar inserts as soon as they are available on the U.S. Filofax website. I have already received everything for 2023. I have to have one day on two pages for my work life to fit in A5.