05 August 2022

Free For All Friday - No. 717 by Steve

Recently I've taken to using pencil for diary entries that have yet to be confirmed. The entry might appear on all the possible dates. I can then erase the unused dates and use a pen to ink in the chosen date. 

Does any one have a favourite mechanical pencil that will fit your average size pen loop? 

Of course it is Friday so please feel free to discuss anything else Filofax related. 

Have a good weekend. 


  1. Great question Steve. I wanted to ask about a thin pencil or pen to fit in my William Hannah notebook, as the pen loop is tiny I have to use the pen clip to fasten to the loop. BTW I have nothing to do with the company but can say the notebook is superb and the paper quality divine.Thank you Anita for your WH post a while back. I bought the same colour one as yours!! Liked the lime one too. Jane (Butanben)

  2. B allograft is en excellent mechanical pencil.

  3. The Caran d'Ache 844 (ø 0.7 mm) and Fixpencil (ø 2 mm) are 8mm wide, just like the 849 ballpoints. Great pencils, but some would prefer a thinner lead. Personally I like to use the 2 mm Fixpencil kind. The are made from aluminium, so quite durable.

  4. Aaaaah... I have a Filofax from the 80s (2MLF) and regular pencils fit the pen loop perfectly... Unlike the pen I normally use. I know some people have techniques to make the pen loop bigger but I won't try, I am afraid it would damage it. I love this Filofax so much, dealing with this small pen loop is absolutely worth it :)

    1. I have a Pocket Windsor with a very small pen loop, and it happily holds a Zebra G-301.

    2. I use a Rotring Tikky with 0.5mm 2B leads in my Hamilton Personal, it's quite a nice firm fit in the smaller loop. With the larger loop then I partly use the pencil's clip, works fine. Also use a very reliable 15 year old W H Smith 0.5mm pencil in the same way, it's outlasted 2 Rotrings...