10 August 2023

Filofax Personalised Diary Inserts

Filofax UK have recently announced their own Personalised Diary Inserts

At first viewing I didn't think there was anything different about these compared to their existing range. However, I took some time to look at what they are offering in detail and I was pleasantly surprised. 

On the positive side of things:

  • You can choose the colour and the weight of paper that the inserts are printed on;
  • They are only in English, not multi-language;
  • You can start your year on any month;
  • Saturday and Sunday have equal space as Monday to Friday;
  • You can have the public holidays for more than one country; 
There are other small advantages that I'm sure people will like. 

Unfortunately these are only available on the Filofax UK at the moment. 

They are only available in Personal, A5 and A4 sizes. It's a shame they haven't included Pocket size as well.  

The Filofax 'Day to View' appears to be a Day on One Page, not a Day on Two Pages. 

I'm also concerned that they will continue to keep these available, they have previously had specialised diary insert collection (Filofax Enthusiasts Collection), but they discontinued them within a year. 

I might be tempted to order a set of these inserts for Personal size, the price is very reasonable and I could get them delivered to my son's address in UK to avoid silly delivery + tax costs. 

Take a look you might be pleasantly surprised, they are a welcome addition and at a sensible price.


  1. I would love these to be available in Australia, the price is very reasonable given the personalisation options.

  2. Given the price, this is a greate value: You get a personalised diary with birthdays, anniversaries, special dates and even you personal activities. Plus you can choose your paper and layout (even though the number of layouts is limited).

    What I do not unterstand is, why are Filofax calling it "Day to View" if it isn't? But I am in fact thinking about switching back to Day on One Page from a two page layout (the real Day to View) and put an additional ruled page between each two days. This way I could have cotton cream paper.